Hyundai KONA comes with a new-generation design philosophy focused on technology

Following the award-winning IONIQ series, the new KONA takes a step forward with much more innovative and improved EV functionality.

Hyundai’s iconic car KONA comes with a technology-oriented new-generation design philosophy.

According to the statement made by the company, Hyundai Motor Company has released the first images promoting the new generation of the B-SUV model KONA. Developed on the basis of an all-electric model, the new KONA stands out with a futuristic design.

The model, which has been upgraded compared to the previous generation, has a universal architecture and engine types and versions that appeal to different tastes. Coming with fully electric (BEV), hybrid electric (HEV) and internal combustion engine (ICE) options, KONA also offers N Line version for those who want a more sporty look and drive.

Following the award-winning IONIQ series, the new KONA takes a step forward with much more innovative and improved EV functionality. Keeping its commitment to sustainable mobility and technology-oriented design, the new KONA also emphasizes both driving and fuel economy with its various powertrains.

The new KONA offers a driver-oriented interior for a more dynamic drive. The car, which gives importance to aesthetics with its bolder cabin, has also increased the SUV feel. It has been developed 150mm longer than the previous generation (EV) to provide users with maximum living space. Thus, the length of the car was increased to 4,355 mm, the width of the car was increased by 25 mm and the wheelbase increased by 60 mm compared to the previous model.

Parametric surfaces attract attention

The new KONA, unlike most vehicles, was developed with purely EV models as the lead. This unconventional approach has brought a technology-driven design philosophy to all versions of the new KONA. In short, the gasoline engine type design is also reminiscent of electric models.

Looking at the design features of the new KONA, a smooth and aerodynamic ambiance draws attention. The straight-line LED DRL daytime running lights and headlights placed on both corners of the bumper, especially in the EV variant, emphasize the car’s characteristic feature. Also, this next-generation Parametric Pixel feature from KONA reveals awareness of Hyundai’s popular EV series. The new KONA is a car full of parametric surfaces. Sharp, diagonal lines all over the design run from the bottom up, creating a stunning contour on the body. At the rear, there is a line-shaped lamp and a high-tech taillight (HMSL) integrated into the satin chrome trim of the spoiler.

Pixel graphic details in the design are supported by pixel-inspired 19-inch alloy wheels. The car, which can be purchased with optional black side mirrors and roof color, stands out with its body kit with wider air intakes in the N Line version. The N Line version features a dual output end muffler and silver-coloured side sills.

The new KONA offers enhanced features in the interior as well. KONA gives the impression of high-tech mobility thanks to its 12.3-inch dual wide screens and floating cockpit design. While the ambient lighting increases the user experience and comfort, a larger interior volume is obtained thanks to the gear lever moved from the center console to the back of the steering wheel.

Hyundai will reveal more details about the new KONA model in the coming months.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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