IBFED Foresees Strong Growth for Turkish Economy Amid Positive Changes

IBFED General Manager Nuyens Predicts Positive Outlook for Turkish Economy

Hedwige Nuyens, General Manager of the International Banking Federation (IBFED), expressed optimism about the Turkish economy, highlighting significant positive changes and a promising outlook. Speaking at the International Arab Banking Summit in Istanbul, she emphasized the role of bankers in supporting this anticipated growth.

Nuyens pointed out that the IBFED closely monitors Turkiye’s economic, financial, and banking developments. She stated, “We expect a very good outlook in the Turkish economy soon. As bankers, we want to be a part of it.”

The banking sector’s crucial role in stabilizing the economy was highlighted, with Turkish banks working closely with the central bank and political authorities to address inflation and rising prices. These efforts have fostered greater economic stability and confidence.

Nuyens praised Turkiye’s ability to attract powerful international banks and foreign companies, resulting in successful joint ventures with Turkish banks. She highlighted the Istanbul Financial Center’s potential to enhance the city’s prominence in the financial sector and described Turkiye as uniquely positioned to bridge the East and the West.

Emphasizing Turkiye’s strategic geographical position and robust economic potential, Nuyens noted, “Turkiye is a reliable partner towards both the UK and the EU.” She advocated for continued investment and deeper cooperation with Turkiye, citing the country’s young population, low unemployment rates, and positive economic outlook.

Nuyens also discussed the global banking sector’s shift towards sustainability, stressing the importance of addressing climate change and demographic challenges alongside economic growth. She called for mutual cooperation between Turkiye and the UK in the banking and finance sector, focusing on how such collaboration can be mutually beneficial.

In conclusion, Nuyens reaffirmed the critical role of bankers in fostering international partnerships and supporting Turkiye’s economic progress.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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