Iconic mansion along Istanbul’s Bosphorus to be put up for sale for record price

A 262-year-old mansion along the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul will be sold via a court order.

The Saffet Pasha Mansion, one of the most magnificent waterside mansions located on the Asian side of the Turkish metropolis, will be for sale after an expert examination to be held at the end of May.

The expert report to be prepared for the sale will form the basis of the case and after all processes are completed, the popular mansion will be sold in an auction.

The move of Beykoz 2nd Civil Court of Peace came after the application of Turkish businessman Zafer Toksöz, who owns half of the building.

“The owners of the building cannot use the mansion together. Likewise, leasing is not possible. It does not seem possible to solve the problem between the owners,apart from the sale and the distribution of money,” it said in the motion.

Built in 1760 and whose ownership changed many times over time, the mansion was purchased by Toksöz Holding in 2001, but its fate became uncertain due to the enmity between the heirs.

The value of the mansion, which has a wide frontage by the sea and a size of 1,035 square meters, is estimated to be at the level of 100 million dollars, a record price compared to the equivalents of the structure.


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