Idenfit Continues to Grow Vertically: Digitizing Human Resources Management Functions

Idenfit offers solutions to working life as a new-generation HRM platform that enables all end-to-end Human Resources Management (HRM) functions to be transferred to a digital platform and managed through a single customizable and modular software program.

Launched in January 2020, Idenfit continues to grow vertically as its 2023 vision as well as horizontal growth. Idenfit, which has achieved a growth rate of 100% this year compared to the previous year, also makes a difference with the innovativeness of the solutions it offers.

In this growth journey, Idenfit draws strength from the fact that in the 21st century, which is shaped by digital transformation, information and communication technologies are developing in a way that complements each other. So much so that the digital transformation, which started in the middle of the 20th century, has gained momentum with the rapid rise of smart, mobile and artificial intelligence technologies and has gained an important role in the strategic management understanding of enterprises. At this point, digital transformation emerges as an evolutionary process in which businesses use digital technologies to create added value for themselves and their stakeholders, and as a result, it is aimed to increase efficiency and profitability and to gain competitive advantage at the same time.

With this awareness, Idenfit, which closely follows management trends and user needs in parallel with technology, and is the market leader in Payroll and Personnel Attendance Control System among the HRM solutions it offers, started a dedicated R&D to develop a Recruitment solution where artificial intelligence and machine learning play a key role. The effective working group consisting of scientists and HR professionals, who came together for the success of this R&D, aims to develop new solutions for the recruitment processes, which is one of the most important problems of enterprises.

The Recruitment solution, in which artificial intelligence and machine learning, whose R&D is carried out, play a key role, distinguishes itself from the solutions in the market with its innovative feature that enables data-based forecasting and prediction and makes it possible to make planning with low margin of error in recruitment processes. Thus, it is predicted that the solution to be presented will differ from the existing ones with its technological and technical advantages such as estimation based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in recruitment processes, duplication of related data by methods such as synthetic data generation, and feeding this data back to the models as input.

Following the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the scope of HRM in order not to lag behind the technological innovations and competition brought by globalization and digitalization and to improve business processes, Idenfit continues its journey with the thought that a Recruitment solution in which digital technologies play a key role will offer many advantages. Thus, it will automate and simplify the Recruitment process, save labor, workload, time and cost, encourage employee engagement, support loyalty, and increase productivity. A recruitment operation flow is designed that will enable the business to take decisions instantly and in line with accurate reports by creating a data-supported culture with business analytics.

This new Recruitment solution looks promising as it progresses in parallel with green management practices that will also serve sustainable development goals. As a matter of fact, green management, which is about implementing “healthy”, “human-friendly” and “environmentally friendly” practices, has gained a special importance in our age with the opportunities offered by digital technologies. Idenfit, which has a sense of responsibility within an ethical understanding, adopts an active orientation from products and processes that exploit the environment around the world to those that monitor environmental performance that serve the goals of green management and sustainable development by reducing the use of resources. Thus, Idenfit is designing a holistic Recruitment solution that points to a process in which a business culture is created, which is important in the alignment of HR, which will serve sustainability by internalizing the change and transformation that will be provided on this occasion, as well as a new product driven by digital technologies.

In addition to the cloud-based HRM solutions that Idenfit provides to Fortune 500 businesses, the R&D studies on this innovative Recruitment solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning seem very exciting in terms of HRM trends. Moreover, it is obvious that this special study, supported by the State, will create a significant export potential for our country, as it will also meet a significant demand in the global market.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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