Iletmen increased its business volume by 300% by reaching 1.5 million packages

Having recently included globally experienced names in its team, Iletmen realizes 65% of its monthly carrying capacity by carrying the packages of tradesmen and 35% by carrying the packages of other collaborations.

Offering a smart delivery service that picks up packages, products or orders from the business and delivers them to its customers, Iletmen increased its business volume by 300% by reaching 1.5 million packages at the end of June. Starting with food package service from restaurants to homes and incorporating logistics cargo and e-commerce transportation, Iletmen carries out 65% of its monthly carrying capacity by carrying the packages of tradesmen and 35% by carrying the packages of other collaborations.

Iletmen offers solutions to all kinds of micro-logistics distribution needs of logistics cargo and e-commerce companies with package delivery to the customers of shopkeepers such as restaurants and markets in their neighborhood. Transforming the model of tradesmen and businesses that offer order service to addresses, employing motor courier separately, Iletmen employs motor couriers through the dealer channel, allowing one motor courier to deliver to multiple businesses at the same time.

Average monthly delivery of 100 thousand orders across Istanbul

The general manager of the company, Ozgur Duruoz, stated that they are planning to increase the carrying capacity 3 times by the end of the year and 16 times in June 2022 by expanding the dealer channel of Iletmen, which has tripled its shipment volume by reaching an average monthly order delivery capacity of 100 thousand throughout Istanbul. Expanding its distribution network with its neighborhood-based dealership system, Iletmen starts the package transportation operations of its customers after the employment and training of motor and motor couriers. Businesses requesting distribution services in the same regions also start to receive service from the Iletmen dealer of their location.

By providing root and efficiency optimization of packages in the region related to national-level cooperation such as e-commerce and logistics cargo, Iletmen also provides the opportunity to reduce the transportation costs consisting of the employment of separate motor courier in the same region. The company continues its efforts to systematically automate time and location management, trying to maximize the number of packages that can be carried by motor couriers carrying similar roots.

Offering the freedom to order by choosing the delivery time of its customers in e-commerce shipments, Iletmen announced that it will share its efforts to expand this service with the industry in the coming period. The company, which has been developing and implementing methods that are not in the sector such as appointment, Iletmen tracking, instant delivery since 2019, with its software infrastructure, is starting to implement these projects with brands with normalization.

In recent years, Iletmen has also started to carry messages for market customers in the region where it works with brand collaborations. Iletmen, which provides intensive services throughout Istanbul, also operates in Bodrum, Samsun and Izmir. The company continues its efforts to provide services through the dealer channel in other provinces of Turkey in the upcoming period.

New team members with global experience

Starting as a venture in the micro-logistics sector, Iletmen focused on the development of the sales team by completing the organizational development of the Finance and IT teams after the investment made by Kuveyt Turk and Vakıf Katilim in November 2020. Continuing its organizational work within the company to increase its regional coverage and channel efficiency in the second quarter of 2021, Iletmen included team members with global experience who managed dealer and customer channels into its organization. The company appointed Deniz Yorusun, who has more than 20 years of working experience in the field of “Retail and Corporate Sales and Marketing” in global companies such as Gillette, Turkcell, Lifecell Ukraine, as the Turkey Sales Director to the team. The company will develop and expand its field operations in sales and customer management, channel development and dissemination. with its experienced regional managers.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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