in4startups received ₺1 million investment over ₺50 million valuation in the second round

Founded by Ahmet Sefa Bir and Serafettin Ozsoy in April 2022, in4startups received its second investment with a valuation of ₺50 million.

While Save Technology S.A., Abramak Information Technologies Industry and Trade S.A. and Cogito Park IT and Technology Investment Trade S.A. companies participated in the investment tour, it was announced that the amount of shares given was 2%. Having a company valuation of ₺7.5 million during its establishment, in4startups thus increased its company valuation by 6.6x in 8 months.

What happened after the initial investment?

In4startups, which started to bring entrepreneurs and investors together after its first core investment with its establishment in April, developed its own digital infrastructure and started to carry out detailed entrepreneurial analyzes through its own digital infrastructure.

In4startups carried out many acceleration programs, events and collaborations outside of Istanbul during this 8-month period. Until now, studies have been carried out for the provinces of Trabzon, Artvin, Giresun, Tekirdag, Bursa, Sakarya and Gumushane. Apart from this, the Promising Entrepreneurships competition was held, which received applications from 23 different provinces of Turkiye. Finally, on December 14, the Startup Investment Summit was held and 35 entrepreneurs were physically brought together with investors. In addition, the first steps in globalization were taken by bringing together entrepreneurs and investors from Malaysia, Germany, Kazakhstan, etc. in online sessions.

In addition, in4startups will provide mentoring services to 30 technology-focused startups in partnership with Tekirdag Namik Kemal University NKUTEK and Istanbul Teknokent Inc. and Bursa Technical University Technology Transfer Office, with its project titled “Global and Investment-Oriented Technology Development and Commercialization Mentoring Platform” supported by TUBITAK.

By working with more than 250 mentors in the acceleration programs carried out, the market test of the entrepreneurs’ products in the business world was also carried out. In these meetings, while the entrepreneurs were conducting market tests of their products and services, they were also developing cooperation with corporate companies.

After these positive impressions, corporate companies started to want to move their commercial activities with entrepreneurs beyond cooperation. In this context, they wanted to establish a strategic partnership with entrepreneurs, as well as to make cash capital investments and non-cash resources (corporate sales network, retail stores, production environment, logistics vehicle fleet, etc.) count in return for shares in this partnership.

in4startups, on the other hand, aims to announce its service in the Venture Studio model in the light of these demands soon. Thus, partnerships between giant corporate companies operating in traditional areas in the business world and early-stage startups will be established in a short time, generating revenue in a short time and accelerating new investment tours. In4satrups will ensure the establishment and governance of such partnerships.

in4startups VC Mutual Fund Preparation

Co-founders Ahmet Sefa Bir and Serafettin Ozsoy have started the preparatory work to establish the VC investment fund, the next step of in4startups.

In4startups has been successful in touching startups from all over Turkiye throughout the year, and has also managed to touch foreign entrepreneurs and investors in recent months. For this reason, he wants to establish his own VC mutual fund in order to be able to invest in startups that he sees as an opportunity very quickly. The fund will be open to institutional investors, individual investors as well as R&D companies that are obliged to invest within the scope of 2% incentives. The fund aims to organize special promotional programs for individuals and institutions with capital in Turkiye, especially in Anatolian provinces. The fund has a goal of being global as of its establishment. While targeting EU countries, Asia Pacific countries and Gulf countries in terms of attracting investors, the focus will be on Turkic republics, Balkan countries and Caucasian countries, apart from Turkiye, for entrepreneurs to invest in. The official work of the mutual fund is aimed to start in February 2022.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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