InDrive, a ride-hailing service application, announced that it has started courier service in Istanbul

InDrive, which started its activities in our country as a ride-hailing service platform, announced that it started courier service in Istanbul.

International IT platform for ride-hailing and consumer services inDriver is launching inDrive Couriers in Istanbul. Any driver (including taxi drivers using inDrive) can be couriers, as well as motorcycle couriers.

inDrive was launched in Istanbul as a ride-hailing service in the fall of 2022. In the application, where only official taxis can be used, the journey price is suggested according to the taximeter fares, but the drivers and passengers can agree on the fare through the application. The application, which quickly gained popularity in Istanbul, achieved great success in a short time.

InDrive, an urban services platform, operates in 47 countries today. InDrive, which offers new features in addition to the order car service in the countries where it is present, has also launched its courier service in Istanbul. Launched under the name “inDrive Couriers” (inDrive Couriers), the service works just like a taxi ride. The customer publishes a quote for delivery after specifying the shipping address. Registered couriers, on the other hand, can either accept or reject the offer or negotiate their prices. The final price is determined directly between the courier and the customer.

InDrive couriers can be motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian couriers, as well as registered drivers (including official taxi drivers using inDrive’s ride-hailing service). Preliminary research shows that around 30% of current taxi drivers are ready to make courier deliveries if they are satisfied with the price and route. Due to the traffic problem in Istanbul, inDrive aims for motorcycle couriers to work more actively during rush hour traffic.

The most active customers of the InDrive courier feature, which is actively used in many countries, stand out as small and medium-sized businesses. (Florists, bakeries, etc.) These companies state that instead of having full-time employees, getting courier service from inDrive is more budget-efficient and orders are delivered faster.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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