Insider acquired conversational Turkish messaging startup MindBehind

Turkiye’s first software unicorn Insider Conversational Commerce & Messaging (Dialogue Based Messaging) startup acquired MindBehind.

Turkiye’s first software unicorn Insider announced today that it has acquired Conversational Messaging (Dialogue-Based Messaging) initiative MindBehind. By incorporating innovative WhatsApp Business products developed by the MindBehind team, Insider became the first software company in Turkiye to make “product-oriented” purchases.

With its wide product line and artificial intelligence-based technologies, Insider enables marketers to design the highest-returning customer experiences by predicting the next digital channel that customers prefer. Oguzhan Basegmez, CEO of Mindbehind, and MindBehind team of 70 people led by Chief Growth Officer, Anil Kiper, aims to accelerate its efforts in the field of Conversational Commerce & Messaging, especially WhatsApp Business.

Revolutionary WhatsApp Business products for the e-commerce industry

With this strategic acquisition, Insider is preparing to develop WhatsApp Business products that will strengthen the dialogue between brands with their customers and accelerate e-commerce sales, together with Meta product teams, by gaining the official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP – Business Service Provider) capability. As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in a post, WhatsApp Business will enter our lives as a communication habit of brands and their customers in the near future. One of the first players in the world in this field, Insider is preparing to launch its revolutionary WhatsApp products with Meta.

MindBehind technology, which enables brands to establish effective dialogue with their customers through many digital channels, especially web, app and WhatsApp, will work integrated with Insider’s cross-channel customer experience platform.

Insider users, who have been able to send personalized WhatsApp messages to their customers for the last three years, will now be able to further increase their sales by establishing personalized conversations with their customers via WhatsApp. End users will be able to view the products they are interested in via WhatsApp, and complete the adding to cart and payment actions on the same screen without leaving the application.

  • The user sends a message to a favorite brand via WhatsApp. (Or the brand can initiate a conversation with the user, but only if the user has given prior communication permission.)
  • The user displays the product options in the category they are interested in via WhatsApp with a dialog-based messaging experience.
  • The user adds the product they have chosen to his cart, as in a mobile shopping application.
  • After receiving the address information, the user is directed to the payment step.
  • When the user completes the payment, the user receives a message via WhatsApp that the order has been completed.

Insider Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Muharrem Derinkok: “Conversational Messaging capabilities developed by MindBehind, as an indispensable part of the Insider product set, will contribute to our customers’ personalized, meaningful and targeted communication with their customers. We are very excited that this acquisition, which strengthens Insider’s position as the (default) solution that meets all the needs of today’s digital marketing teams, will create synergies between our products in the future and that we will carry a Turkish technology to the global.”

Oguzhan Basegmez, Co-Founder and CEO of MindBehind: “We are excited to bring the MindBehind adventure to the global with Insider. MindBehind’s Conversational Messaging products will become even more valuable with Insider’s cross-channel customer experience platform. We think that this acquisition is also very important for the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe that the success story arising from the combination of two Turkish startups will encourage big players in the ecosystem to make similar new acquisitions.”

You can access the Meta success story of Modanisa, which includes customer support and e-commerce experiences using WhatsApp Business products, here. Modanisa Business Development Manager, Sevval Ilter: “We know that our customers are busy people. When we started to offer shopping via WhatsApp, we observed that 10% of our customers tended to buy from making calls.”

Insider Co-Founder and CEO Hande Cilingir: “Since the first years we founded Insider, we have believed in the importance of developing the software industry in Turkiye and its contribution to our economy. For this reason, while evaluating strategic company acquisitions in many countries, we decided to continue on our way with a Turkish initiative, just like our partners who trusted a Turkish technology, Insider, 10 years ago. In 2023, we will continue our efforts to develop innovative technologies that shape customer experiences and to ensure that more software companies emerge from our country.”

Being at the top of the world’s well-established independent consultancy and research companies such as Forrester, Gartner, G2 and IDC in the last 2 years, Insider aims to recruit more than 500 people in the next two years while continuing its global expansions.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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