Interior Ministry launches housing campaign for quake victims

With an aim to provide shelter to the victims who lost their homes in the deadly earthquakes that rocked Turkiye’s south, the Interior Ministry has launched a campaign called ‘Evim Yuvan Olsun’ in collaboration with the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD).

Within the scope of the campaign, homeowners can offer their empty houses to the use of those in need free of charge or at discounted rents.

People willing to open their empty houses to quake survivors for three months can send applications via a mobile app. These applications will then be examined on-site by respective district governor’s offices.

The houses deemed appropriate will be included in the campaign free of charge.A “loan agreement” will be signed between the respective district governor’s office and the homeowner, and a quake survivor family will be accommodated in the house.

Those who want to rent out their houses for a year for the use of quake survivor families can also apply to the campaign under the condition that the requested rent will be significantly below the current market value of the house.

The rent determined for these houses will be covered from the rental donations collected in the AFAD account. By this means, non-homeowners will also be able to provide support to earthquake survivors with cash donations through the mobile app.

Homeowners allocating their houses to quake survivors free of charge will be able to participate in the campaign with a commitment of at least three months. They can then extend this period to up to 12 months. Those who want to rent their houses at a discount will have to open their houses for at least one year.

Families who will be placed in the houses included in the campaign will be determined by AFAD and other units of the Interior Ministry. Priority will be given to families with disabled, elderly, chronically ill and disadvantaged individuals and families with children who lost members in the earthquakes.

Within the scope of the campaign, electricity, water and gas bills of the houses will be covered by the respective district governor’s office during the quake survivors’ stay. In this regard, it will be ensured that no additional expense will be incurred by the landlord.

Turkiye Sigorta, an insurance company, will provide assurance against the possibility of any damage to the houses as part of the “Tek Yürek Bina ve Eşya Sigortası” package. Premiums paid for insurance will also be covered by TurkiyeSigorta.

Turkiye’s largest real estate listing platforms Emlakjet, Hepsiemlak and Sahibinden will also support the campaign. Homeowners will be able to participate in the campaign by filling out an application form on a platform of their choice. These forms will be transmitted to the systems of the Interior Ministry through the established integration.


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