Investment Giant Comments on Turkiye: Foreign Investors Returning Aggressively

Turkish Lira Assets Surge Post-Election Amid Influx of Foreign Investment

Following the election, Turkish Lira-denominated assets have seen a significant increase in value, driven by the country’s shifting monetary policy. Simultaneously, foreign investor inflows have reached their highest levels in recent years, bolstered by positive recommendations from international institutions.

Post-Election Economic Stability

The Turkish Lira is gaining value due to the changing monetary policy landscape. The exchange rate has stabilized, and Borsa Istanbul is experiencing record highs. Furthermore, Turkiye’s credit risk premium has dropped to its lowest level since 2020, indicating a robust economic outlook.

International Endorsements

Foreign institutions are increasingly recommending Turkish Lira assets. Vanguard, a global investment giant managing over $7 trillion in assets, has identified a strong investment opportunity in Turkiye. Fund managers at Vanguard noted, “Foreigners are returning quite aggressively. The numbers are really strong.”

A report from Citibank highlighted that Turkiye’s policy normalization has heightened investor interest in Turkish assets, stating, “Turkish markets are on the verge of a renaissance moment.”

Bank of America’s Positive Outlook

Bank of America has recommended the Turkish Lira to investors, citing high returns, improvements in the current account balance, and a tight monetary policy. The bank’s note to investors suggested taking a long position in the Turkish Lira, reflecting confidence in Turkiye’s economic future.


The influx of foreign investment and positive endorsements from global financial institutions signal a promising outlook for Turkiye’s economic stability and growth, with the Turkish Lira assets set to benefit from these favorable conditions.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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