Investment Guru Jim Rogers: Turkiye Will Be a Great Investment

Renowned international investor Jim Rogers discusses Turkiye’s economic policies and potential for foreign investment.

Internationally recognized as an investment guru, American investor and financial expert Jim Rogers expressed optimism about Turkiye’s investment prospects, stating that “Turkiye will be a great investment if it continues to implement the right economic policies.” Rogers highlighted that while he currently does not hold investments in Turkish assets, he has previously invested in Turkish assets at different times in his career.

“I haven’t been following the Turkish market for a while, so I don’t have any investments in Turkish assets at the moment,” Rogers remarked. However, he hinted at the possibility of reconsidering investments in Turkish assets, emphasizing the potential for foreign investors to return as Turkiye adjusts its economic policies, albeit noting that this process may take some time.

“Many international investors are watching what Turkiye is doing right now. If Turkiye takes economically sound steps, investors will come back. It could be a very good investment if Turkiye is taking the right steps,” Rogers added.

Rogers expressed a keen interest in seeing regulatory reforms being implemented, stating that he and other investors are closely monitoring the steps being taken. “Now I know that I should take another look at the Turkish market. Both I and other investors should start investing in the Turkish market again,” he concluded.

Discussing other markets, Rogers evaluated U.S. and Chinese stocks, noting that U.S. stocks are currently at their all-time highs and could rise further. However, he cautioned about high valuations amid emerging concerns such as inflation and interest rates, indicating a preference to move away from stocks when they become overly expensive. Regarding China, Rogers observed that assets are relatively cheap in the current market environment, highlighting his preference for markets that are lower rather than higher.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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