Investors Urged to Convert Shares Before Eid: Last Day for Pre-Holiday Transactions

Borsa Istanbul Investors Must Act by Tomorrow to Ensure Pre-Eid Settlement Due to Holiday Schedule Changes

With the upcoming Eid al-Adha holiday, investors looking to convert their shares into cash must complete their transactions by tomorrow. The holiday will alter settlement dates at Borsa Istanbul. Transactions conducted on Thursday will be settled on Thursday, June 20.

Investors aiming to liquidate their positions before the holiday must act by tomorrow to ensure timely processing. In Borsa Istanbul’s equity markets, the settlement period operates on a T+2 basis, meaning transactions made tomorrow will be settled by Friday.

Those conducting transactions on Thursday will face a seven-day delay, with settlements occurring on Thursday, June 20. Similarly, transactions made this Friday will see cash settlements processed on Friday, June 21.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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