Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Reports Significant Year-on-Year Retail Price Increase of 82.20% in May

Retail Prices in Istanbul Soar: Monthly Increase of 3.59%, Annual Surge of 82.20%

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) has released the inflation figures for Istanbul for May. According to the data, retail prices in the city rose by 3.59% month-on-month and 82.20% year-on-year. As the country awaits the Turkish Statistical Institute’s (TUIK) national inflation data, set to be released on June 3rd, ITO’s report offers a glimpse into the local economic climate.

In May 2024, Istanbul saw the following changes:

  • The Istanbul Cost of Living Index, a measure of retail price movements, increased by 3.59% from the previous month.
  • The Wholesale Price Index, reflecting wholesale price movements, rose by 2.59% month-on-month.

Compared to May 2023, the indices showed substantial annual increases:

  • The Cost of Living Index based on 1995 data surged by 82.20%.
  • The Wholesale Price Index jumped by 61.21%.

Breaking down the retail price changes for May 2024:

  • Culture, Education, and Entertainment expenses increased by 7.86%.
  • Housing expenses rose by 7.07%.
  • Clothing expenses went up by 6.76%.
  • Household goods saw a 3.48% rise.
  • Food expenses increased by 2.35%.
  • Other expenses climbed by 1.36%.
  • Health and Personal Care expenses saw a slight decrease of 0.13%.
  • Transportation and Communication expenses dropped by 0.45%.

Wholesale price changes for May 2024 revealed:

  • Unprocessed Materials rose by 8.31%.
  • Minerals increased by 5.13%.
  • Construction Materials went up by 4.28%.
  • Food Products saw a 1.41% increase.
  • Fuel and Energy Products edged up by 0.09%.
  • Chemical Products experienced a 7.40% decrease.
  • Textiles showed no change.

In comparison, April’s data revealed a 4.89% monthly increase in retail prices and a 78.81% annual rise. ENAG, an independent research group, had reported an even higher annual inflation rate of 124.35% in April, with a monthly increase of 5.02%.

Looking ahead, the AA Finance survey, which included 15 economists, anticipates an average inflation rate of 3.04% for May, to be confirmed with the upcoming official release on June 3rd.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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