Istanbul Launches Eco-Friendly Mini Ferries to Boost Urban Sea Transportation

Istanbul Municipality’s subsidiary, City Lines, is planning to introduce mini ferries designed to accommodate a limited number of passengers into public service starting July 15.

Initially, three mini ferries referred to as sea “dolmuş” in Turkish, akin to the minibuses bearing the same name will operate along the İstinye-Küçüksu and Beykoz-Sarıyer routes, enhancing urban sea transportation.

During a ceremony at the historic Haliç Shipyard, key figures such as Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, politicians and district mayors, along with City Lines General Manager Ercüment Güldik gathered to celebrate the milestone.

“In this historical shipyard, which we have revitalized to function as a hub for cultural, artistic and educational meetings alongside manufacturing, we are committed to keeping ferries, the silhouette of Istanbul, alive,” İmamoğlu stated.

He emphasized the city’s efforts to bolster maritime transportation, especially with new vehicles like sea taxis and mini ferries. “We continue our efforts to ensure that the sea plays a more effective role in solving Istanbul’s traffic problem,” he added.

These mini ferries uses are designed for low passenger density, promoting efficiency and resource conservation.

“These ships are environmentally friendly with low emissions,” İmamoğlu pointed out.

Following the speeches, three mini ferries “Golden Horn-1,” “Golden Horn-2” and “Golden Horn-3” were launched to the water with a ceremonial ferry whistle.

Additionally, the production of seven more mini ferries began at Haliç Shipyard in March. These will soon join the fleet, serving the İstinye-Küçüksu and Beykoz-Sarıyer lines.

Each boat, crafted from composite materials using vacuum infusion methods, can carry up to 33 passengers.

From July 15, the mini ferries will operate under the City Lines fare tariff, marking a new era in Istanbul’s public transportation system.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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