Istanbul’s Princes’ Islands to Implement Regular Ferry Fares on Public Holidays to Control Overcrowding

Ferry services to Istanbul’s Princes’ Islands will charge regular fares on public holidays to control visitor numbers, diverging from the usual free transportation policy applied to all 39 districts of the metropolis.

The decision was revealed during an assembly meeting of the Princes’ Islands’ municipality chaired by Mayor Ali Ercan Akpolat.

During the meeting, various proposals were discussed, including those related to the private security permit, protocols, fee schedules, fee transfers and budget applications.

Akpolat also addressed the decision, confirming that negotiations to exempt the islands from free transportation were successful. “When we met with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, he confirmed that the recent holiday marked the end of free transportation to the islands. I’m sharing this news because it’s now official.”

“The free holiday trips applied in 39 districts in Istanbul will be made with the exemption of the Princes’ Islands,” Akpolat added.

Overcrowding is often an issue during the holidays, as mainland Istanbulites flood to piers to travel to the islands.

Addressing the recent minibus protests on the islands, Akpolat acknowledged incidents as unpleasant and emphasized the importance of solving problems with common sense.

“It is everyone’s natural right to be able to freely express their thoughts and take action, which we fully support. However, insults and excessive verbal attacks are not acceptable,” Akpolat stated, stressing that he condemns detentions related to the incident.

One of the major issues highlighted was the surge in the use of individual electric vehicles on the islands.

“There are about 10,000 battery-powered vehicles,” Akpolat stated.

Noting that overcrowded streets have led to difficulties in garbage collection and maintenance, Akpolat said: “The streets of our islands have turned into piles of iron. The cleaning vehicles of our municipality cannot sweep because of the vehicles parked on the road.”

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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