Italian firm & NG Kutahya are investing €100 million in a new production facility in Turkiye

The ceramics, which will be produced for the first time in Turkiye with an investment of €100 million by the Italian company, will set an example to the world. On the other hand, it is stated that the production capacity will be 3 million square meters. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who attended the investment signing ceremony signed between the Italian company and NG Kutahya Seramik, said, “If Italy was once the number one in ceramics, be sure who will be number one in ceramics in 5 years? It will be Turkiye.’

Minister Varank, who came to Kayseri for various programs, thanked the Gural family, who maintains their trust in Turkish economy under all conditions and conditions and keeps their route in investment, employment and production, in the speech he delivered at the NG Kutahya Seramik’s store opening and new factory investment signing ceremony.


The day after the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, Nafi Gural said, “We trust our country and today we are making a new investment decision.” Stating that he took an exceptional stance by saying, Varank reminded that during the epidemic period, while the world countries were cooling their industries, the Gural family continued their investments in different sectors.

Explaining that the Turkish economy continues to grow while the whole world is grappling with epidemics, wars and crises, Minister Varank said, “Because we are able to bring our government’s support and incentives together with our brave and visionary entrepreneurs, we are always by the side of those who produce, invest, and provide employment…”

According to CHP Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Varank stated that the highest technology is “to make a live connection from America to Turkiye”. Varank said, “Maybe if Erkan Bey had held this meeting with a live connection, we could also make a joke that we would show a technology, but we believe in face-to-face communication. We believe in being one and together. We also say to those who think the Zoom meeting is the most beautiful technology, ‘Come to Kayseri, see what’s going on.’


Varank stated that Turkiye’s largest showroom was opened in the ceramics industry, and that the Gural family will make a new investment today.

Emphasizing that a much more environmentally friendly production will be realized, Varank said:

“I hope NG Kutahya Seramik will produce the world’s largest ceramics in Turkiye. These are 160X320, we are talking about one-piece ceramics that are slightly larger than 5 square meters. For that reason, I would like to thank everyone who invests, produces and puts their hands on the responsibility. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are always with the investors with our investment incentives, R&D supports and different supports. We are aware of the added value they provide to this country. And we believe that if we are aiming for a Turkiye that will grow with value-added production, the way to do this is to ease the investments of the private sector and pave the way for them.”


Reminding that the “factories are not established” criticism was made, Varank said, “Some of them said, ‘What if the AK Party built a factory in these 20 years?’ ‘Does Turkiye have a factory?’ Dear friends, the days when the Government established factories are over. What should the Government do to establish a ceramic factory and compete with NG Kutahya? Today we opened Turkuaz Seramik’s factory, should it compete with it? Gone are the days when the Government established factories. The Government paves the way for the private sector, paves the way for investors, and gives their support. The private sector also produces products that will compete with the world, this is how the Turkish economy develops. We believe this. That’s why we organize our policies accordingly.”

Minister Varank stated that the newly established facility will set an example not only for Turkiye but also for the world, and that the largest sized ceramics will be produced.

Emphasizing that the facility will produce its own energy with the solar panel they will install at the same time, and that production will be respectful to the environment and green, Varank concluded his words as follows:

“We, too, will continue to keep our industry competitive. I once made the following sentence: ‘If Italy was once the number one in ceramics, be sure who will be number one in ceramics in 5 years? Turkiye will be the number one in ceramics. We can achieve this, we have the ability to do it.’ We do not only produce ceramics, today we have companies that export their ceramic machines to abroad. Thank God, Turkiye has entered a very correct route. Who is the architect of this? Mr. President. Under the leadership of our President, we will continue on our way. We will not deviate Turkiye’s route even one millimeter from investment, employment, production and exports.”

After the speeches, a cooperation protocol was signed between NG Kutahya and the Italian company.

It was stated that with an investment of €100 million, for the first time in Turkiye, ceramics in the size of 160X320 with 12 and 15 millimeter thickness, 120X280 size with 6 and 9 millimeter thickness will be produced and the production capacity will be 3 million square meters.

Source: Star / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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