İzmir launches electric taxis to reduce pollution, costs

In a pioneering move, the İzmir’s drivers and automobile tradesmen chamber has launched two electric taxis, marking the first time such vehicles will serve the western city.

The initiative aims to reduce pollution and fuel costs, with electric taxis burning approximately 85 kuruş per kilometer compared to the current 3 liras for conventional taxis.

Celil Anık, head of the chamber, spoke at the launch event of the initiative.

“This is a breakthrough for İzmir and Türkiye,” he said. “We are leading the way in adopting electric vehicles, which will significantly benefit the environment.”

“Currently, there are 2,860 commercial taxis in İzmir’s center and 1,100 in its districts. If all these taxis were electric, the positive impact on nature would be immense. However, transitioning fully to electric taxis will take some time.”

Anık emphasized the global and national trend toward electric vehicles stating, “With our established system, we can now track 3,000 taxis in real-time,monitoring their daily mileage. This advancement gave our drivers the courage to adopt electric vehicles, and I believe they will be successful.”

Serkan Sarıduman, the owner of one of the new electric taxis, also highlighted the environmental benefits and the technological advancement of these vehicles.

“As human beings, it is our greatest duty to not pollute nature,” he said.

“The technology of these vehicles is constantly evolving, and we must adapt. Electric vehicles offer lower mileage, consumption and maintenance costs.”

“Although we are in a trial phase, we hope that many others will follow our lead. These developments will greatly improve driving comfort and be beneficial in the long run.”

It is noteworthy that electric taxis have been in use in Istanbul since 2017.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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