Jidoka Successfully Raises ₺6.5 Million in Crowdfunding Round on Fonangels

Innovating Industrial Service Robotics to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Jidoka, a pioneer in next-generation industrial maintenance and service robots aiming to automate maintenance processes in industrial facilities to enhance productivity and lower costs, has achieved its target of ₺6.5 million in a crowdfunding campaign on Fonangels.

This innovative technology detects faults in advance, ensuring uninterrupted operational processes in factories.

In a crowdfunding investment round initiated on, Jidoka reached its targeted funding amount of ₺6.5 million within just 1 day, with the participation of 321 investors.

Angel investor Kamil Eren Unal decided to invest ₺5.2 million in Jidoka through the platform, joining the crowdfunding campaign. This strategic investment will accelerate Jidoka’s R&D efforts and expedite its growth objectives. Unal has set a record in Turkish crowdfunding platforms with this investment. The crowdfunding campaign will enable Jidoka to reach a broader investor base and foster growth with community support. Individual investors can participate in Jidoka’s success through

Jidoka’s Products:

  • Jidoka Dog Asil and Jidoka Dog Alkan: Offer industrial maintenance and security services with features such as thermal analysis, air leak detection, oil leak detection, night security, and high durability.
  • Jidoka Dog Life: Locates individuals trapped under debris during search and rescue operations, enabling swift intervention.
  • Jidoka Dog Vision: Provides safe guidance for visually impaired individuals, enhancing their independence.
  • Jidoka Dog Advice: Acts as a social service robot, welcoming visitors, providing guidance, and facilitating communication.

How Jidoka Provides Solutions to Companies:

  • Preventive Maintenance: Jidoka Dog series robots ensure preventive maintenance by detecting faults in advance using methods like thermal analysis, air leak detection, and oil leak detection.
  • Increase in Efficiency: Automated maintenance processes minimize human error and enhance maintenance efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: Early detection of faults and automated maintenance operations reduce operational costs.
  • Safety and Guidance: Robots like Jidoka Dog Vision offer secure guidance for visually impaired individuals, supporting independent living.
  • Social Services: Jidoka Dog Advice enhances customer satisfaction by welcoming and guiding visitors, while Jidoka Dog Life provides effective solutions in search and rescue missions.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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