Karma Group became the Turkiye partner of IFS

Karma Group Sales and Marketing Coordinator Sinem Bahcekapili said, “IFS applications will be guiding for our boutique production and technology-following businesses in the food industry in our country, and IFS will support safe food production in the industry.”

Karma Grup became the Turkiye partner, training provider and pathway partner of International Featured Standards (IFS).

According to the statement made by the company, Karma Group, which provides training, supervision and consultancy services in the food and chemical industry, has become Turkiye’s IFS-approved training provider and pathway partner. IFS, the body of globally accepted food, product and service standards, is accepted by many retailers in Europe and outside of Europe such as Carrefour, Metro, Rewe, Lidl.

Karma Group Sales and Marketing Coordinator Sinem Bahcekapili, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they will proceed with the global power of IFS in specific trainings for the sector regarding this new development.

Stating that IFS companies attach importance to the sustainability of food safety culture, Bahcekapili said, “It takes the development of companies and the establishment of sustainable management systems, not the obligation of certification in the global market. It prioritizes continuity in safe production and trade. That’s why we merged our ways with IFS. IFS applications will be guiding for our businesses that make boutique production in the food industry of our country and follow the technology, and IFS will support safe food production in the industry.”

IFS Turkiye Representative Was Appointed

Bahcekapili stated that IFS’s International Featured Standard accelerated its activities in Turkiye and said the following regarding the work carried out by IFS in Turkiye:

“IFS offers solutions that contribute to making a difference in the food and non-food industries and the logistics sector, and contributing to the development of manufacturers in reliable trade. It pays attention to the fact that the path it follows for training and consultancy is carried out independently from the certification process. As a very recent development, Turkiye changed its structure and IFS Turkiye representative was appointed. IFS Turkiye Representative Ezgi Dedebas Ugur will also take part in the Quality and Product Experience Seminar that we will hold as Karma Group on November 28-29 at Istanbul Technical University.

IFS Turkiye representative will meet with our participants, GFSI will share the international approach in the European Union legislation on quality culture, food and product safety culture. As Karma Group, one of our targets for 2023 is to provide the necessary support to Turkish manufacturers regarding IFS standards. Thus, we will support many manufacturers and retailers in making progress towards meeting their expectations.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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