Karmod exports nearly 50 security cabins to Georgia in 1st half of 2024

Karmod’s high-quality, pre-manufactured security cabins are in high demand in Georgia, particularly in capital Tbilisi, company official says

Turkish building manufacturer Karmod has exported nearly 50 security cabins to Georgia in the first half of the year, the company announced on Friday.

Karmod Kabin Sales Manager Enes Kizilbay said that the security cabins are being used in various regions of the country, primarily in the capital, Tbilisi.

“We sent the security guard cabins to Georgia in five separate trucks,” said Kizilbay. “Our security cabins, which are preferred worldwide for their quality, are in higher demand due to Georgia’s proximity.”

He added that the ready-to-use cabins of various sizes are easily transported by road and loaded onto trucks. “We can load an average of 10 security cabins onto one truck. This year, we have sent nearly 50 security cabins to Georgia with five trucks.”

Speaking about the models preferred specifically in Georgia,Kizilbay highlighted the popularity of pre-manufactured CTP polyester cabins.

Among the various sizes, he said the 150×150, 150×215, 215×215, 215×270, and 270×270 security cabins are particularly in demand.

“The cabins we export are used throughout the country, primarily in Tbilisi. Additionally, the 150×270 security cabin model with a toilet is also in demand,” he said.

Kizilbay emphasized that Karmod’s insulated security cabins, equipped with electrical and water systems, are ready for immediate use upon unloading.

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