Kayacan Ventures Invests $5 Million in AIVA AI, Specializing in GPT and LLC Services

Boosting Technological Infrastructure and Product Range

Kayacan Ventures, a subsidiary of technology-focused Kayacan Holding, has extended its support to artificial intelligence startup AIVA AI with a $5 million investment based on its valuation. This investment aims to enhance AIVA AI’s technological infrastructure, enabling a broader range of product offerings. Kayacan Holding, which aims to invigorate the Turkish economy and enhance global representation, launched Kayacan Ventures recently to support promising ventures.

Following its strategic investment in AI tailored to user needs, AIVA AI received strategic investment from Kayacan Holding, marking its 11th AI investment.

A signing ceremony was held with Ulaş Kayacan, Chairman of Kayacan Holding, and Süleyman Kaplan, Co-founder of AIVA AI, in attendance. Kayacan Ventures, committed to ongoing investments, aims to invest $10 million in 100 ventures by 2030.

AIVA AI specializes in personalized AI solutions and advanced AI algorithms, offering innovative and secure GPT and LLC services to both corporate and individual users. Emphasizing top-tier data security, the startup enhances business productivity through innovative solutions for individual users and integrates AI algorithms into corporate business intelligence, boosting efficiency and user experience. Kayacan Ventures aims to strengthen AIVA AI’s target infrastructure with this investment, helping them reach a wider audience and expand their product and service portfolio.

Commenting on the strategic investment, Ulaş Kayacan, Chairman of Kayacan Holding, stated, “We will increase our investments in AI, blockchain, innovative technology, and high-growth potential ventures by the end of this year. Focusing on Seed and Pre-Seed stage ventures, we plan to invest a total of $10 million in 100 ventures by 2030. We must capitalize on AI as an opportunity. At Kayacan Ventures, we not only make financial investments but also lead and shape the industry in their growth and development journey.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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