Kerim Ture, Modanisa’s CEO, Has Been Chosen as One of the “Top 50 Leaders of Islamic Economy”

Kerim Türe, the CEO of Modanisa, considered the pioneer of online modest fashion, has been listed as one of the “Top 50 Leaders of Islamic Economy” among many other important and influential names in the Islamic world and business. Türe was the only name chosen in the “modest fashion” category in the ISLAMICA 500 listing that was prepared by the World Islamic Economy Forum (WIEF)

ISLAMICA 500, a reference listing aimed to determine and share the most important and influential names in the Islamic world and Islamic Economy, did not ignore the rapid growth of “modest fashion” this year. Kerim Türe, the CEO of Modanisa, announced as one of the world’s largest “modest fashion” companies, was listed as one of the “Top 50 Leaders of Islamic Economy” in the 2020 Global Islamic Economy report.

Back in 2011, Kerim Türe noted the potential in modest fashion, a market that has previously been overlooked, and set up Modanisa. Türe worked hard to transform the endeavour – seen by many as an impossible task at the time – into an impressive area of employment and investment.

Modanisa achieved an important social innovation by empowering women in their everyday life. With Modanisa, Türe answered unfulfilled consumer need, but also created a platform that appealed to a range of suppliers, producers and other brands.

By combining his expertise in marketing with his passion to know more about his customers, Türe turned Modanisa into a global platform that exports products from Turkey to 140 countries around the world. By carrying Turkey’s strength in ready-to-wear fashion to the world, Modanisa grew from 50 suppliers in 2011, to more than 850 suppliers, more than 80% of whom are women. Modanisa now ships products to 140 countries in 5 continents, and receives visits from more than 16 million users per month, 200 million users per year.

ISLAMICA 500, supported by the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), reports on new information and innovative new marketplace actors on the rapidly growing Islamic economy sector. Accepted as a guide on the important personalities and business leaders that shape the Islamic economy and markets, ISLAMICA 500 includes names that were determined by researchers throughout the year in terms of their innovative and creative abilities, and their track record of proven successes.


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