KoçZer Launches ZerGO: A New Digital Platform for B2B Marketplace

KoçZer, the corporate purchasing and supply chain management arm of Koç Group, has introduced ZerGO, its new digital platform designed to provide a secure and digital shopping experience for merchants.

Founded in 2003 to cater to the media buying needs of Koç Group companies, KoçZer is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of this innovative platform.

KoçZer is focusing on digital strategies in corporate purchasing and supply chain management, aiming to unite buyers and sellers on a secure platform through Turkiye’s latest intercompany marketplace, ZerGO.

With over 45,000 suppliers and expertise in more than 130 categories, KoçZer’s strengths are evident in ZerGO. The platform offers a broad spectrum of products, from work safety gear to office consumables, hardware, and technical products, making more than 130,000 products accessible with various payment options.

Serhan Turfan, General Manager of KoçZer, emphasized the importance of trust in B2B trade. He mentioned that their initial step was the closed-loop e-commerce platform ZerOnline, and evolving user expectations along with B2B e-commerce trends inspired the development of ZerGO.

Special Advantages for Businesses with ZerGO

Turfan highlighted that the B2B e-commerce market, currently valued at $11 trillion, is projected to reach $45 trillion by 2032. He elaborated on the advantages ZerGO offers to both buyers and sellers. Vendor companies can provide special benefits to customers by setting price scales based on order volume. Buyers, on the other hand, can make purchases of any size, from single items to bulk orders. Turfan mentioned that they aim to fulfill workplace needs with features like order tracking, invoicing, and installment payments, ensuring a seamless B2B e-commerce experience.

Turfan noted that many workplaces struggle with cash payments. To address this, ZerGO, in collaboration with Yapı Kredi, is offering a launch promotion of 6 interest-free installments for the cash price. He expressed their commitment to supporting businesses with similar campaigns.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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