Konya origin Company Produces Parts for Automotive Giants

Konya Operating in the automotive spare parts sector for 55 years, the company, with its central warehouse and logistics office in China, serves the spare parts market.

The company, which holds spare parts for 56 automobile brands and 518 models in Turkey, including body (metal and plastic) assemblies as well as lighting, suspension, brake, electrical, and cooling components, started producing body parts in 2014.

With exports to 33 countries, including the USA, Argentina, Colombia, Greece, Germany, the UK, Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company contributes to the country’s economy.

“We’re Cutting Off Imports” The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Ömer Faruk Meydan, told AA correspondent that they are in the market with thousands of products nationwide and have 3,500 dealers.

Meydan stated, “We are one of the two factories in Turkey that produce body parts as an after-market option. We also export these products abroad. We supply insurance for both comprehensive and traffic insured vehicles. All of our products are certified.”

Pointing out the sector’s dependence on imports in previous years, Meydan said:

“We are cutting off imports. Previously, these products were coming to our country from abroad. This was causing foreign currency outflows, but we have reversed that. We produce in Turkey and send to many places, including European countries and the USA. We conduct sales of equivalent spare parts. We also produce some parts for Volkswagen and BMW. We send these products directly to the factories. We have agreements; we do not introduce these productions to the market.”

Highlighting their production with advanced technology, Meydan said, “We employ 220 people in the factory. We produce with the latest technology. We use robots in production. We use thousand-ton presses and perform laser cutting. Twenty-five robots do the work of 100 people. We are aware that if we are to compete globally, we must produce quality and fast. We are aware of this.”

source prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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