“Let’s Win Together” project from Konfor Group

Konfor Furniture, Konfor Bed and Cetmen Furniture, operating within the Konfor Group, will provide the store managers with a managerial mission in the stores they manage, with the new system they have put into practice. With the project called “Let’s Win Together”, store managers will have a certain share of the company profit that will be generated at the end of the year.

Konfor Group CEO Ersin Serbes, in the meeting he held with store managers, said, “We are very excited to be implementing this application, which is a first in the furniture sector in Turkey, within our company. The future is that our store managers will be able to gain extra income with the mission of being a profit partner of Konfor Group. It is a source of hope for all of us.”

The exciting application, which konfor managers personally presented and promoted, increased the motivation of all work teams. After the presentation, the “Let’s Win Together” project was put into practice with the protocol signed by the store managers of Konfor Furniture, Konfor Bed and Cetmen Furniture, which are part of the Konfor Group, and started to be implemented officially. Expressing their feelings after the meeting, the store managers stated that while they contribute to the success of their companies with the service and devoted work they provide in their stores, it is exciting and proud to be a partner in their annual profit at the same time.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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