List of all International and Domestic airports in Turkey

List of all International and Domestic airports in Turkey 2

Turkey is a well connected country and it has total of 55 airports spread across various cities. the major cities has international and domestic airports, while the other smaller cities has only domestic airports. more new airports are being build and the smaller ones are being upgraded with international flights.

List of all international and domestic airports in Turkey

  • Istanbul (2 international airports)
  • Ankara (international airport)
  • Antalya (international airport)
  • Izmir (international airport)
  • Trabzon (international airport)
  • Gaziantep (international airport)
  • Adana (international airport)
  • Bursa (domestic airport)
  • Balikesir (domestic airport)
  • Mugla (international airport)
  • Denizli (domestic airport)
  • Isparta (international airport)
  • Konya (domestic airport)
  • Diyarbakir (domestic airport)
  • Usak (domestic airport)
  • Kutahya (domestic airport)
  • Eskisehir (domestic airport)
  • Canakkale (domestic airport)
  • Tekirdag (domestic airport)
  • Kocaeli (domestic airport)
  • Zonguldak (domestic airport)
  • Kastamonu (international airport)
  • Sinop (domestic airport)
  • Samsun (international airport)
  • Amasya (domestic airport)
  • Tokat (domestic airport)
  • Nevsehir (international airport)
  • Kayseri (domestic airport)
  • Kahramanmaras (domestic airport)
  • Hatay (domestic airport)
  • Sanliurfa (domestic airport)
  • Adiyaman (domestic airport)
  • Malatya (domestic airport)
  • Sivas (domestic airport)
  • Ordu-Giresun (international airport)
  • Erzincan (domestic airport)
  • Elazig (domestic airport)
  • Mardin (domestic airport)
  • Batman (domestic airport)
  • Bingol (domestic airport)
  • Erzurum (international airport)
  • Mus (domestic airport)
  • Siirt (domestic airport)
  • Sirnak (domestic airport)
  • Van (domestic airport)
  • Agri (domestic airport)
  • Kars (domestic airport)
  • Igdir (domestic airport)


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