Local foodtech Sorb, which restores electrolytes and minerals, received an investment of ₺3 million

Sorb, a local foodtech startup that aims to quickly restore electrolytes and minerals, has completed its seed investment round.

Sorb, a sports drink specially formulated for individuals who adopt an active lifestyle, announced that it received an investment of ₺3 million in the seed round.

Sorb’s products have been developed for the rapid recovery of electrolytes and minerals, which are critical for the body. The company announced that it has successfully completed the seed investment round before the Series A round.

Founded by Cahit Kapukiran and Ali Bilen at the end of 2022, Sorb received its pre-seed investment in May 2022. In the last investment round, it was stated that SORB received an investment of ₺3 million to expand its sales channels and increase its marketing activities. Robert Baler, Bora Kocyigit, Alper Ozdemir, Cenk Ustundag and other existing investors also participated in the investment tour.

Sorb stands out as a startup established with the perspective that fluid-electrolyte balance is important not only for professional athletes, but for everyone. The company aims to contribute to a healthy lifestyle by meeting the electrolyte and mineral needs of active individuals with the products it provides.

The latest investment is expected to help Sorb reach its target audience more effectively and expand its product.

SORB had received its pre-seed investment from Selim Sahinbas, Hasan Ekin Sezer, Efe Kantel, Alp Horoz, Emir Gonensin and Doruk Akpek.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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