Local social podcast application Poddy received its first investment with a valuation of ₺85 million

Interest in podcasting continues to increase globally. Poddy, the social podcast platform that provides solutions to many podcast-related problems of both listeners and producers and positions itself as the first and only in the world in the podcast field with these features continues to grow the ecosystem with the vision of giving everyone the opportunity to be heard: After this investment, producers on Poddy will be able to earn income from Podcasting.

Poddy, the social podcast platform founded in London by Turkish entrepreneurs, aims to enable podcast listeners to make their voices heard and podcast producers to interact with their listeners, it received its first bridge round investment from friends & family and angel investors at a valuation of ₺85 million, before the global pre-seed investment tour that it plans to realize in the first half of 2024.

In the investment round completed in October, investors led by Nurettin Sendogan include Deniz Dulgeroglu, Ozbeyen Atalay and a group of angel investors.

Poddy, which offers innovative experiences to podcast listeners and whose user base has continued to increase since its launch, is unique in the world with the exclusive features it offers.

Poddy’s main goal with the investment will be to offer a revenue model to podcast producers, who have not been able to generate income other than advertising and sponsored content to date, in which they can earn income only through listening, and to ensure that the producer receives his due in return for the qualified content he produces. In this way, Poddy quickly implements a model in which producers can earn income only per listen and continue their production from their own audience, without any sponsors, just like YouTube. Now, with Poddy, producers can earn income without sponsorship, and if they wish, they will have the opportunity to reach larger audiences with the media tools offered by Poddy.

Poddy CEO Cuneyt Gokturk expressed his satisfaction with this development and said in his statement on the subject;

“We considered Turkiye as a pilot region. With this action, as we have said since the first day, we are accelerating our penetration into our main target market, that is, the American market, especially California. The main purpose of launching the application was to solve the problems of the podcast world. Enabling listeners to connect with producers, making content discovery easier, offering podcast listeners the experience they are used to on social media, making podcast recording very simple, and offering advertisers new channels through podcast media are just a few of the solutions we have offered to the ecosystem so far.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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