Local startup NBL Games, which received investment at a valuation of ₺150 million, is entering the US market with its new game

A new excitement is coming to the gaming industry, one of Turkiye’s most dynamic entrepreneurial areas, with NBL Games. Focusing on artificial intelligence-supported social quizzes and word games, the company’s first game, Quiz Crush, attracted great attention among game lovers and started to climb to the top in the Turkish game market. Founded by the creators of Hadi and Mackolik, NBL Games is preparing to expand into the US market by completing its seed investment round.

Quiz Crush, the new game of NBL Games, a new player in the gaming industry, which is one of the most dynamic areas of the Turkish startup ecosystem and exceeds $1.5 billion, has entered the market quickly. Focusing on artificial intelligence-supported multiplayer social knowledge competitions and word games, the company’s first game, ‘Quiz Crush’, created excitement among game lovers and started to climb to the top in the Turkish game market.

Quiz Crush, where users face other players in real time and compete in 10 different branches ranging from general culture to football, from cinema to science and technology, is already on its way to gaining a well-established community with the new breath it brings to quiz competitions. While players participate in exciting quiz competitions, they can create their own friend groups and exchange in-game messages.

NBL Games completed its first investment round

NBL Games was born when Emre Ulusoy and Gokhan Orun, the names behind Turkiye’s fastest-growing and widely followed, 11-award-winning “Hadi” application, as well as Erdem Yurdanur, Omer Kirkagaclioglu and the Kokteyl team, who achieved great success with the games ‘Mackolik’, ‘Ofsayt’ and ‘Kafatopu’, joined forces.

In Turkiye’s growing gaming market, NBL Games completed its first investment round at a valuation of ₺150 million. The seed investment round was supported by investors such as Heaventures, Abidin Gulmus, Nedim Ozkan, Tolga Camadan, Kerim Dumanli, Savas Keles and Cengiz Zabci. Aiming to grow both domestically and abroad, NBL Games started its journey in the Turkish market with its first game, Quiz Crush, and is now preparing to enter the US market.

Games that are both fun and mentally challenging

Evaluating the road map of NBL Games, which was founded in 2023, Erdem Yurdanur said, “We want to offer our players not only entertaining but also mentally challenging, highly socially interactive and innovative games,” while Emre Ulusoy said the following and emphasized the new excitements awaiting game lovers, “We have only made the beginning with Quiz Crush.” Throughout our journey, we aim to provide game lovers with world-first experiences.”

Joining the unicorns of the target gaming market

It is estimated that 3.3 billion people around the world play digital games. While it is estimated that the revenues from digital games in the world will reach $184 billion in 2023, this figure is predicted to be $205 billion by 2026. Mobile games take the biggest share of this cake with 49%.

While the number of players worldwide exceeds 3 billion, it is estimated that there are 36 million active players in Turkiye. Start-ups developing games in the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem have received $672.5 million of investment in the last 5 years. In 2023, the number of investments in gaming startups increased by over 50% compared to the previous year. When evaluated across Europe, Turkiye ranks fifth after the UK, France, Switzerland and Sweden in terms of investment volume in gaming startups, and ranks first in terms of the number of investments. The medium and long-term goal of NBL Games, the young player of the Turkish gaming market, which is the subject of huge sales, is to be among the unicorns emerging from the Turkish gaming market.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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