Maiden’s Tower restored in line with works 200 years ago

The Maiden’s Tower, one of the symbolic buildings of Istanbul, has been renovated in accordance with the restoration plan carried out during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II, about 200 years ago, Culture and Tourism Ministry Mehmet Nuri Ersoy has announced.

The opening process of the historical tower was delayed a little as the renovation team decided to carry out strengthening works in the tower after the devastating Feb. 6 earthquakes,Ersoy stated during his visit to the restoration area.

With all the delays and additional works, the Maiden’s Tower will be opened to visitors in the first week of May, Ersoy added.

“The final stage has been reached. The consolidation and strengthening works are being completed. We have a stake operation around the platform. In fact, this is the main reason for the two-month delay in the process at the moment, so extra precautions should be taken against the earthquake,” Ersoy explained.

Emphasizing that the original appearance of the Maiden’s Tower has different features from the current one that everyone is accustomed to, Ersoy noted that during the efforts, the team used the plan of a restoration process carried out during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II as a basis.

As a result of these studies, the Maiden’s Tower has been restored in accordance with its appearance 200 years ago, Ersoy said, adding that the team benefited from drawings of the time.

Underlining that the change in the tower does not only constitute physical appearance and strengthening efforts, Ersoy said, a cultural use of the tower will be promoted rather than a commercial purpose.

“Like the iconic structures abroad, this place is no longer focused on food services. It will be put into service as a tower-museum and will be opened to visitors from all over the world,” the minister expressed.

“Previously, we used to watch the Maiden’s Tower from Istanbul. Now, we will watch Istanbul from the tower,” he added.

The Maiden’s Tower has a history dating back to 24 B.C. It was destroyed in an earthquake in 1509 and rebuilt.

Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II restored the tower in 1832.

The last restoration work was carried out in 2000 and it was turned into a restaurant.

The Maiden’s Tower, whose restoration started again in 2021, will be opened to visitors in the first week of May.


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