Maiden’s Tower will be opened to visitors in 2023

In the statement made on the social media account of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, it was stated that a reinforced concrete addition was made after the fire in the Maiden’s Tower in the 1940s.

In the statement, “Reinforced concrete add-on, experts in the field Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay, Prof. Dr. Feridun Çılı,Han Tümertekin, and reports prepared by Istanbul Technical University and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, stating that the structure is not resistant to earthquakes, and also prepared under the control of our consultants. In line with the projects, the cone part is removed from the building by adhering to the principles of universal conservation, and studies are continuing to make it in accordance with its original material. words were used.

All documents and developments regarding the restoration and the Maiden’s Tower In the statement shared on the website, “In 2023, at the 100th anniversary of our Republic, the Maiden’s Tower will serve as a monument and a museum in accordance with its historical and monumental value.” it was said.


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