Mango new source of income for farmers in Alanya

Farmers in the southern province of Antalya’s Alanya district have started to grow mangoes, earning about 190,000 Turkish Liras from one decare of land.

In Alanya, which has become the tropical fruit production base of the country, farmers focused on mango production, which has a high financial return.

Stating that Alanya is suitable for tropical fruit production in terms of climatic conditions and soil structure, Mehmet Rüzgar, the head of the Alanya Agriculture and Forestry Directorate, said that mango production
has come to the fore in recent years, in addition to 38 kinds of tropical fruits.

Rüzgar pointed out that they started preparation works on mango production in 2014,noting that production was made on 74 decares of land in the district and that 65,000 tons of mangoes are produced annually.

With the start of production, intense work began on the introduction and promotion of mangoes in the domestic market, Rüzgar noted.

Mangoes are generally consumed in the domestic market, while a small amount of the fruit is exported to Russia and Iran, Rüzgar added.

“It is also important that the product gains value in the domestic market. Mango is sold on a per-piece basis and is a serious source of income,” Rüzgar stated.

“Trees begin to give full yields after three and four years. You can receive the product even in the year when you plant the sapling,” Rüzgar explained.

“Then, you can earn 190,000 Turkish Liras from an acre,” he added.

Reminding that the farmers in Alanya earn quite a good income in the cultivation of various tropical fruits such as avocados and bananas, Rüzgar noted that especially avocados have been an important source of income since 2012.

“While our avocado production was carried out on 250 decares of land in 2012, it has now expanded to 15,500 decares. Our producers are in high demand,” he explained.


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