Manivela Ventures, a venture company focused on marketing support, started its activities

Founded to create added value by focusing on the marketing needs of startups, Manivela Ventures, the first marketing support-focused venture company in Turkiye, started its activities.

Venture capital company Manivela Ventures, which has rolled up its sleeves to break new ground in Turkiye, which has become Europe’s 5th largest startup market, is an innovative organization that focuses on all marketing activities of startups.

Because it will be the first company in our country to provide financial resources and know-how support to entrepreneurs in marketing, which is one of the most important steps taken in terms of becoming a brand, advertising and making sales.

Explaining that Manivela Ventures is the first venture capital company in Turkiye to prioritize communication and marketing investment, Manivela Ventures Investment Committee Spokesperson Dr. Cem Duran said: “Today, when startups focus on the technologies they develop, they often ignore marketing and therefore often fail. As Manivela Ventures, we are a structure that prioritizes the needs of startups. We have combined the sectoral experience of Speed Medya, our group company, which has been very successful in communication investments and marketing management, especially in media purchasing since 2004, and the financial power and expertise of Manivela Ventures.”

Who will have priority?

Explaining that with this model, they created a special area and resource for entrepreneurs to focus on their projects, Duran said, “Advertising and promotion is a world that startups are not very familiar with. We will enable them to take the right steps on this path. We also offer them strong mentoring support on the way to institutionalization. Our priority is startups that have the potential to grow with advertising support. Because we think that we can develop a grounded win-win model with startups at this stage. However, we are always open to valuable ideas outside of this focus. Of course, in addition to all these supports, we have allocated sufficient financial resources for enterprises that need financial investment, and we will use this in case of need.”

Dr. Cem Duran: “We undertake the marketing management of the startup we invest in; We will also provide consultancy that will provide benefits to entrepreneurs in terms of institutionalization, finance and human resources. Thanks to our experience and network, we will provide mentorship support in finance management and employment of qualified personnel. In particular, employing experienced personnel in new structures is a very difficult process. Competent people need some reassurance before agreeing to work on exit projects. We will stand by them in order to eliminate such question marks.”

How will the amount of funds be determined?

Emphasizing that the first point they pay attention to when choosing projects is the team that brought the initiative to life, Duran said, “The team is a very important element. We attach importance to the entrepreneurial spirit of people. Then comes the idea. When choosing the projects to invest in, we give priority to ideas that offer digital solutions to current needs. circular economy; we especially focus on the second-hand sector and the sharing economy. In this field, electronics and ready-made clothing are the prominent sectors. In addition to these, startups in the health sector are another priority.”

Explaining that they pay attention to the market size and dynamics as well as the idea before investing, Duran said, “Investment applications coming through the website and the Manivela Ventures ecosystem are pre-selected by considering their compliance with the Manivela investment criteria. Candidates who pass this stage are submitted to the examination of the relevant expert consultants for technical competence evaluation. Successful candidate startups are presented to the Investment Committee for evaluation. If it is received positively, partnership negotiations are started. In case of agreement, investment is made.”

Explaining that they carry out detailed market research before starting to work with startups approved by our advisory board, Duran said, “After determining the needs of the market, we determine the required amount of funds. After marketing and promotional needs, we focus on finance, human resources and management functions. We are always open to special ideas.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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