Mastercard aims to reach full e-commerce tokenization by 2030 in Europe

Tokenization to replace 16 – 19-digit numbers on payment cards, plan to phase out manual card entry for safer e-commerce

Mastercard said Tuesday it wants to reach full e-commerce tokenization in Europe by the end of the decade.

The decision is part of the company’s plan to phase out manual card entry and make e-commerce safer and more accessible for everyone, it said in a statement.

The tokenization will replace the 16 – 19-digit numbers on payment cards with a secure token to reduce fraud, which is estimated to exceed $91 billion by 2028.

The US-based multinational payment card services company said it will make it easier to embed ”Click to Pay” into merchant sites in e-commerce, and enable its bank partners to help consumers enroll their cards.

Merging tokenization with “Click to Pay” and payment passkeys are expected to benefit the entire ecosystem of e-commerce, according to the company.

Consumers will experience faster and safer checkouts, merchants will see increased sales,fraud protection and higher approval rates, while issuers will gain customer security, it said.

“We’re focused on bringing best-in-class digital services together to deliver more value, access and safety to our customers and the end-consumer,” the company’s Chief Product Officer Jorn Lambert said in the statement. “We’ll continue to harness the potential of these technologies to deliver enhanced security, better experiences and overall, new ways to pay.”

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