Meet the 14 Selected Startups of Sabancı Holding’s Acceleration Program

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, Sabancı ARF, the flagship entrepreneurship program of Sabancı Group, continues to nurture and propel promising startups towards success. Over the first two terms, Sabancı ARF has fostered the growth of 30 startups, each striving to innovate and disrupt their respective industries. With a generous cash support of $30,000 per startup, totaling a substantial ₺140 million in combined support, Sabancı ARF has provided a solid foundation for these budding ventures to thrive.

As the program enters its third term, the momentum only intensifies. More than 600 entrepreneurs eagerly applied, presenting a diverse array of business ideas spanning “Energy and Climate Technologies,” “Advanced Material Technologies,” “Digital Technologies,” and “Health Technologies.” Out of this pool of talent, 14 exceptional startups were meticulously selected for the next phase of the program.

Notably, three of the chosen startups—Biomix, ConcreteHub, and MyGenome Screen—originate from within the Sabancı Group, underscoring the conglomerate’s commitment to fostering internal innovation. The remaining 11 startups represent early-stage ventures from outside the community, chosen for their potential to make significant strides in their respective fields.

Throughout the program, startups will have the opportunity to engage with global enterprises, fostering collaboration and creating mutual value. Moreover, they will present their business ideas to an esteemed investment jury comprising Sabancı Holding senior management, with the chance to secure additional seed investment support of up to $250,000 through Sabancı ARF Almost Ready to Fly.

Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable startups selected for the third term of the Sabancı ARF program:

  1. Advoard Robotics: Revolutionizing logistics with autonomous robots for picking and transport tasks.
  2. Babystar: Empowering parents with an advanced health tracking platform for child development.
  3. BC Arge Engineering: Pioneering eco-friendly nano flame retardants from domestic mine waste.
  4. Beespenser: Innovating circuit design with additive manufacturing technology.
  5. Covertainer: Redefining cargo transportation with a sustainable and efficient concept.
  6. ICARBON: Enabling sustainable rubber recycling with hydrothermal devulcanization technology.
  7. Inversense: Offering real-time structural health monitoring software for 3D deformation analysis.
  8. Mysticist: Providing stress relief solutions through Brainwave Entrainment technology.
  9. Naturelink: Developing home-compostable biopolymers for eco-friendly disposable plastics.
  10. RareSum: Supporting healthcare professionals in diagnosing rare diseases using AI technologies.
  11. VerdantWave: Creating cellulose-based biocomposite polymers for zero-emission industries.
  12. Biomix: Engineering high-efficiency mixers for biogas and wastewater facilities.
  13. Concrete Hub: Optimizing ready-mixed concrete facilities with resource-efficient software.
  14. My Genome Screen: Offering personalized health diagnostics using genome data for early disease detection.

As these startups embark on their entrepreneurial journey, they represent the innovative spirit and drive for excellence that define Sabancı ARF’s commitment to fostering transformative change in the startup ecosystem.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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