Metatime Will Reach Over $100 Billion Market Share in 3 Years

Metatime, which will embrace the world from Turkiye and reach a market share of more than $100 billion in 3 years, will lead a digital transformation process that spreads from Turkiye to the world with its blockchain ecosystem with over 70 innovative products.

Prepared to be Turkiye’s first and the world’s largest solidity-supported blockchain-based digital data bank, Metatime aims to bring great economic value to Turkiye by building the world’s most comprehensive blockchain ecosystem and to leave behind global examples with its vision and infrastructure.

Metatime Technology Inc. develops scalable technologies that make life easier for hundreds of different sectors with the supervision and approval of Yildiz Technical University Technopark voluntarily in 2022, starting its R&D studies in 2019 with millions of dollars in expenditures and a team of highly talented core staff.

Metatime, the most comprehensive and rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem project in the world, with over 70 digital products, draws attention with its different products such as data storage, smart contract, digital asset management, NFT platform, stablecoin, stock market, conversion of real assets into digital assets on the blockchain network MetaChain created by itself.

Metatime Founding Partner Yusuf Sevim stated that they set out with the goal of touching every aspect of daily life as a requirement of the digital transformation era, and said: “We are preparing to become Turkiye’s first and largest solidity-supported blockchain-based digital data bank. With our digital products integrated into daily life, we enable everyone to use blockchain in every moment of their lives. We will provide the fastest and most reliable service from Turkiye to the world with our MetaChain product, which is completely our own innovation, with the consensus of ‘Proof of Meta’ and decentralized network structure.”

More than 3,000 employees are expected in 2025

Noting that they have started working on the opening of their two centers in Istanbul, as well as Dubai, Lithuania, Switzerland, America and England, Sevim said, “As of 2022, we employ more than a hundred people, seventy of which are software developers. We need to increase this number to a thousand in 2023 and over three thousand by 2025. With our high employment strategy, we will reverse the brain drain and keep the qualified workforce within the borders of the country. Our goal is to become one of the top 3 blockchain ecosystems in the world in three years. We will also lead the transition process to Metaverse by centered on Turkiye.”

Provides added value to the country with its technology

Yusuf Sevim said, “We will bring a great economic value to Turkiye by building the world’s most inclusive ecosystem with the MetaChain blockchain. We predict that Metatime will soon surpass its global examples thanks to its secure and efficient infrastructure that allows transparent data exchange and prevents data leaks and manipulation. Our vision is to rise to the top of the international blockchain networks. We aim to reach a market share of over $100 billion in the first three years by keeping the nominal assets of over 5 million digital asset users in Turkiye within the country. Moreover, we want to provide maximum added value to our country, both with our technology and our strategy, by keeping the rewards transparently in Turkish banks.”

Source: Girisimhaberleri / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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