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Metaverse and Real Estate Summit: The metaverse era has begun in real estate

The metaverse, which is on the agenda of the world, has already begun to affect all sectors from retail to technology, from textile to tourism. A summit on ‘Metaverse and Real Estate’ was organized by the Strategy Platform for Real Estate (GİSP).

In addition to cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Gaming industry, with the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) supported Metaverse concept into our lives, the most invested area has started to be virtual lands.

Investors wonder how virtual lands create value, how rental income will be generated, what factors affect value, which virtual lands will be valued, and from which Metaverse environments can be purchased.

Although Metaverse is a new concept for the whole world, GİSP, which plays a leading role in innovative issues in the real estate sector, organized the “Metaverse and Real Estate” summit under the sponsorship of NTV, Esas Gayrimenkul, Mars Investment, Denge Gayrimenkul Valuation and RENSDAO to inform the public on this issue.

At the meeting, where physical and online participants showed great interest, GISP President Hakan Gumus made the opening speech and explained the points to be considered before making virtual land investment.

While Ozan Sonmez, one of the speakers, conveyed his predictions with his presentation of “Metaverse Utopia or Dystopia?”, Alphan Manas (Metaverse Union), Emrah Kaya (Youtholding), Burak Soylu (HAR Group, Roofstacks) shared their views on Metaverse. Alemsah Ozturk shared his opinions (4129 Gray) with his presentation on NFT Market and Metaverse, Bunyamin Emec presented his presentation on Urban Development in Metaverse (XBOTEX) Ali Erhan Tamer (Colony) shared his ideas with his presentation on Dreams Metaverse, Ergi Sener (Sabanci University) shared his predictions with the participants with his presentation on Building Metaverse Correctly.

In the afternoon session of the summit, in the panel on Metaverse and Real Estate, Erden Timur (NEF), Hakan Gumus (Bosphorus Invest), Gorkem Ogut (ENDEKSA), Nevzat Yavan (ESAS Gayrimenkul) discussed how the metaverse issue will affect the real estate industry.

Aybars Dorman (BiLira) gave information to the participants with his presentation on “How to Buy Land from Metaverse”. Filiz Dag (Digital Renaissance), Alper Derinbogaz (Salon Alper Derinbogaz), Ecem Dilan Kose (Bilkent University), Zeynep Demirhan (TOBB ETU) shared their views with their presentations on How to Develop an Architectural Project in Metaverse.

Baki Budakoglu (Balance Valuation) with her presentation on “Real Estate Valuation in the Metaverse” and Selma Karaduman (Karaduman Hukuk) with her presentation on the Legal Dimension of Metaverse gave the participants in-depth information on the subjects they were curious about.

At the end of the summit, the Metaverse Collective Experience and the Metaverse environment were collectively entered, allowing the participants to experience this virtual world.

Source: NTV / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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