Midas, a domestic startup that grew 10 times in 2022, reached 500 thousand users

Midas, which provides free investment in the American Stock Exchanges and Borsa Istanbul, increased the number of users 10 times in 2022.

The domestic startup Midas, which has made a name for itself with the innovations it has brought to the sector, has had a successful year with the growth figures it has achieved. If you remember, it received an investment of $11 million in February of this year. In line with the investment it has received, it reaches its goals step by step.

According to the data shared with us, Midas increased the number of users 10 times and reached 500 thousand users in 2022, and increased its transaction volume by 27 times.

The application, which offers the opportunity to easily invest in giant companies in the American stock markets with a commission fee of $1.5, added Borsa Istanbul to its products in 2022. While it provides its users with the opportunity to buy and sell shares with advantageous commissions in the American Stock Exchanges, Borsa Istanbul does not receive any commissions or additional costs until the end of the year.

American Stock Exchanges and BIST are now on one platform

With the launch of Borsa Istanbul in September, users can manage their US stock exchanges and Borsa Istanbul transactions through a single application. Users, who can easily transfer money from contracted banks with its user-friendly interface, can invest in either the American stock markets or Borsa Istanbul by trading dollars through the application. In addition to these, live data stream can be followed free of charge within the application.

Midas is also talked about in the sector with its investments in financial literacy while investing in its products so that users can make their investments without additional cost and comfort. It brings together the current investment and finance content in Turkiye and the world with its users through social media channels such as the application, website and Midas+ Youtube channel.

In 2022, Midas expanded its team and increased the number of employees to over 100. As a result of these investments, it ranked 4th in the Startup 100 list determined by Fast Company Turkiye magazine in September, achieving an important success.

New alternative investment vehicles are next

Midas founder and CEO Egem Eraslan said, “We are on our way to becoming the only platform for all investment needs of our users. Today, we are working to be the platform where you can trade shares in the most effortless and advantageous way. The year 2022 passed very quickly for Midas, one of the most important milestones of its growth journey is that Borsa Istanbul shares now come to Midas alongside the US stock markets. You can invest in both exchanges very easily and quickly. In the coming period, we will continue to move towards our goal of being the only platform for all your investment needs by adding alternative investment tools such as crypto money, precious metals and mutual funds to our platform. In 2023, we will bring our application to more people with the innovations we will offer to our users and we will do our best to provide better service to all our users. We are grateful to each of our 500 thousand users who chose us.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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