Migros online market is now available in all 81 cities of Turkey

Migros Virtual Market increases the service availability reaching 81 cities as from June in order to live up to customers from different cities of Turkey and increase the prevalence; Migros greatly improved it’s digital substructure this year. Company was founded 23 years ago and doubled it’s service availability reaching 58 cities in 2019.

According to the statement of Migros, they have opened new channels and integrated them together in order to perfect the customer experience. Migros carries the customer experience to top levels via Omni-Channel retail strategy which makes digital and physical channels work together; Migros invests on these two channels constantly.

The company has been carrying out it’s operations via stores, online services and distributing centres in order to meet the customer’s basic needs. Company operated 24 hours a day at full capacity during the pandemic.

Home delivery service demand increased 5 times more during the pandemic and Migros has maintained most of its newly gained customers since then.

Company has online operations such as Migros Virtual Market, Macrocenter, Tazedirekt and Migros Hemen; Migros Hemen joined these operations last year and it makes home deliveries within 30 minutes.

The number of Migros Virtual Market customers over the age of 60 has increased 3 times more

Migros also added ‘’Store Delivery’’ option in order to maintain social distance during shopping. Company determined the home deliveries that are between 09.15-12.15 hours for customers over the age of 60 and removed the delivery fee between these hours; hence the number of Migros Virtual Market customers over the age of 60 has increased 3 times more.

Migros lead the way in Turkish food retailing industry by turning specific stores into virtual stores that only serves as Migros Virtual Market; thereby they can easily meet the increasing customer demand.

virtual stores increase the operation capacity 5 times more

Migros Virtual Market customers from 81 cities of Turkey will be able to order hundreds of products including staple food products via specially refrigerated vehicles as from June.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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