Millions of walnut saplings produced in ‘Fidanci Koy are exported to 33 countries

Nearly 10 million walnut saplings are grown annually in Sahil Yenice, known as “Fidanci Koy”. Saplings removed after vaccination and maintenance procedures, tied with ropes for sale and loaded onto trucks. Most of the people living in the neighbourhood, where 6 million saplings are sent annually to 33 countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Russia, England, Serbia, and Romania, earn their living from this job.

Due to the insufficiency of their lands in the face of increasing demand in recent years, the producers who rent agricultural land in nearby Omerli, Ziraatli, Kayacik and Erikli neighbourhoods are trying to increase their annual production.

Nuri Varlik, the Headmen of the Neighbourhood stated that they have been producing grafted walnut saplings in Sahil Yenice since 1991, and they are increasing their capacity day by day, he continued:

‘’ Turkey and we continue to send our neighbourhood walnut seedlings world. We are working on getting orders. As the neighbourhood, we have sent 12 million saplings a year at most until now, of course, climate conditions also influence. We are ready to send our saplings to any requested country. We produce our saplings in varieties that are subject to certification by our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In the past periods

We were working mainly on Sebin, Bilecik, Kaman species, and we turned to species such as Chandler, Fernor, Fernette, Franquette and Pedro, from which we have received more yield and demand in recent years. This year, the climatic conditions are very favourable, and our government has increased the support from ₺ 280 to ₺ 400. In other words, a farmer planting a certified sapling receives support from the state of ₺ 14.5 per sapling. Therefore, we are very pleased.

‘’ This year the saplings are better, and the price is good.’’

Dudu Martin, one of the producers, stated that the quality of the saplings was very good this year. Noting that the walnut saplings are more or less the same size, Martin said:

‘’ We are tying and growing the saplings. This period is the time of dismantling. This year the saplings are better and the price is good. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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  1. Piyasada çok fazla yerli ve yabancı ceviz çeşidi var. Bölge koşulları göz önünde bulundurularak Chandler, Fernor, Howard ceviz fidanı gibi çeşitlerle yetiştiricilik yapmak mümkün.

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