Minister Varank: 90% of our exports are industrial products

During his visit to the Kepez Municipality Science Center, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank emphasized the development Turkey has experienced in the field of industry in the last 2 years and said, “Industrial products constitute 90% of our export products, which have reached $225 billion.”

Industry and Technology Minister Varank came to Antalya for a series of visits and to attend the opening of Kepez Municipality Science Center. Minister Varank, who visited the AK Party Provincial Presidency, was accompanied by AK Party Antalya Deputy Atay Uslu, AK Party Antalya Provincial President Ibrahim Ethem Tas, Kepez Mayor Hakan Tutuncu and former Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel.

Addressing the party members at the meeting in the provincial building, Varank said that the city contributed to peace with the Antalya Diplomacy Forum held in March. Stating that Turkey is in favor of peace and security in its region and in the world, Varank noted that the country’s largest Science Center will be opened and that the city is on its way to becoming both a science and an industrial capital with the ‘Science Festival’ to be held for the first time this year.


Stating that he has seen the development of the city they have been fighting for 20 years for service, Minister Varank said, “We are aware of the potential of Antalya in terms of industry. Very value-added productions are being made. Our efforts to bring and establish new organized industrial zones for our city continue. With the completion of these, it will also be the capital of industry and technology. When I came to Antalya recently, I saw that it went backwards in terms of urbanism. This city is not worthy of it. Hopefully, we need to make an effort to carry these deficiencies to a higher level in the coming period and to overcome them.”

Stating that those fleeing from Russia and Ukraine during the war chose Turkey and Antalya as their safe haven, Varank said, “During the peace talks in Istanbul, the sides of the two warring countries applaud the president of another country. Probably no one was unaffected by this photo. We support peace in our region and in the world. Gaining the trust of the two warring parties is not something that can be given to every leader.”

Stating that there has been a change in supply chains with the habits during the coronavirus period, Minister Varank noted that the ways of doing business in terms of trade and production have also changed in the world, and said, “Besides the troubles experienced during this period, it opened some windows of opportunity for Turkey. In terms of industry, Turkey has grown in the last 2 years as it has not experienced in the past period. 90% of our export products, which have reached $225 billion, are industrial products. We will continue to strengthen the industrial and economic ecosystem. We will continue these in the coming period with the same understanding.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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