Ministry of Treasury and Finance Denies Claims of Privatizing and Selling 19 State-Owned Enterprises

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance has denied claims that 19 state-owned enterprises (KİTs) will be privatized, sold to foreign investors, or closed down through a proposed bill.

Responding to allegations made by CHP Deputy Chairman Deniz Yavuzyılmaz, which were attributed to Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek, the Ministry stated, “The claims that 19 KİTs will be privatized and sold to foreign investors or closed down through a prepared bill are completely unfounded.”

The statement reminded that KİTs are enterprises fully owned by the state and subject to Decree Law No. 233, emphasizing that they must operate based on the principles of efficiency and profitability. The Ministry explained, “The draft regulations aim to enhance the efficiency and institutional capacity of KİTs. Interpreting this as a sale is not a well-intentioned approach and deliberately misleads the public.”

“Aiming for a More Professional Structure”

The Ministry highlighted that one of the aspects of the draft legislation is to ensure that the boards of directors operate in a more professional manner. The statement noted, “Increasing the effectiveness of boards, enhancing their ability to set strategic goals, aligning operational activities more closely with state objectives, and ensuring the efficient and effective management of public enterprises are key aims.”

The Ministry also pointed out that the draft changes are designed to create a framework for the transformation of KİT management boards by incorporating internationally accepted corporate governance practices, best practice examples, and the legal and regulatory framework of the Turkish Commercial Code.

The statement further elaborated, “The draft regulation aims to enhance the institutional capacity of KİTs, thereby increasing their competitiveness not only domestically but also on international platforms. It seeks to ensure the highest levels of transparency and accountability in line with international principles, contributing positively to our country’s sustainable development. Misrepresenting this effort only harms these enterprises. Therefore, these reports are purely speculative and do not reflect the truth.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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