Mitsubishi constructs demo plant in Turkey

Japanese industrial giant Mitsubishi and Turkey’s Çalık Enerji, a subsidiary of Çalık Holding, have constructed a demo plant of their stand-alone Triple Hybrid Power Generation System “EBLOX“ in Turkey.

The plant was built at a textile factory of Çalık Holding in the eastern province of Malatya, according to a statement released by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger (MHIET) yesterday.

“EBLOX optimizes the use of renewable power sources by combining them with a reciprocating engine generator and a battery.This allows for a stable power supply that meets the local electrical demand,” it said.

“We plan to use the demonstration to collect data for further improvement and to display EBLOX’s ability to potential customers, partners and government authorities who are involved in constructing microgrids around Africa and neighboring countries of Turkey,” it added.

Renewable energy can be unstable due to changes in the environment, making it unreliable to microgrids or minigrids.


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