Motor Vehicle Tax Second Installment Payments Continue Until End of July

Millions of Vehicle Owners Expected to Pay by July 31st

The second installment payments for the 2024 motor vehicle tax (MTV) have commenced, with the deadline set for July 31st. Vehicle owners can now complete their payments through various methods, including the e-Devlet system. The payment process for millions of vehicle owners began on July 1st.

Payments can be made through multiple channels:

Convenient Payment Methods

  1. e-Devlet System:
    • Access the “motor vehicle tax inquiry” service on the e-Devlet platform.
    • Fill in the required information.
    • Click the payment button to complete the transaction.
  2. Online Portals:
    • Payments can be made via the Revenue Administration’s website.
    • Many banks also offer online payment options through their websites.
  3. Physical Locations:
    • Payments can be made at tax offices, bank branches, and PTT offices.

Vehicle owners are reminded to complete their payments by the end of the day on July 31st to avoid late fees.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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