Motorola unveils the new Moto G Play (2023) before the holidays,offers giveaway

Before the end of the year, Motorola is dropping in with a new device: the Moto G Play. The new Moto G Play offers a large display with a gaming-friendly refresh rate and other neat features.

Budget devices lend themselves to gifts pretty well. As affordable devices get better and better every year, they’re easy to hand out without breaking the bank.

The new Moto G Play falls into that category pretty well. Coming in at $169.99, the Moto G Play packs a few important features where it counts. First, it houses a 6.5-inch HD+ (720p) display with a 20:9 aspect ratio that Motorola calls “ultra-wide.” Technically, it sits along those lines when viewed in landscape mode, though it’s not very different from many other devices.

With that, the screen runs at 90Hz, getting you a pretty smooth experience, so long as the Mediatek MT6765 Helio G37 processor can keep up. Internally, the Moto G Play houses 32GB of storage with 3GB of RAM. While that isn’t much by any means, it’s expandable up to 512GB. Out of the box, the G Play will run Android 12. More than likely, the G Play will only see up to Android 13 and no more major software upgrades.

Motorola unveils the new Moto G Play (2023) before the holidays,offers giveaway 2

On the rear, the Moto G Play has a triple-sensor system with a 16MP main sensor and two 2MP sensors one for macro and one for depth. Motorola also packed in some AI features for users to have a little fun with.

Perhaps the best feature is the 5,000mAh battery. A 5,000mAh battery can get you a long way, especially with devices that don’t take up a lot of power. Getting the G Play to last well over a day shouldn’t be an issue, in the least.

Motorola is running a giveaway for the Moto G Play on its Instagram page. After the promotion ends, the Moto G Play will go on sale on January 12 for $169.99.


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