MUSIAD Vizyoner’21 will be held in Istanbul on 22 December

The fourth Vizyoner Summit, organized by MUSIAD to inform business people, prepare them for the future and contribute to business life, will be held on 22 December.

An information meeting was held for the 2021 summit of MUSIAD Vizyoner, which is organized every 2 years, based on the idea that “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness”.

Speaking at the meeting, MUSIAD Chairman Mahmut Asmali stated that they are trying to differentiate the framework of Vizyoner’21 in line with the goals they set, and said that their biggest goal is “benefit-oriented movements”.

Stating that Vizyoner was held with the aim of informing businesspeople in Turkey, preparing them for the future and helping them develop trust-oriented business connections, Asmali said, “Our program, which is organized for the development of Turkey, to have a say in the world agenda, and to raise awareness and awareness at the social level, aims to offer solutions to the transformation and development of our future.”

Noting that the summit, which was held for the first time in 2015, has been held 3 times so far, Asmali gave information about the content of these programs.

Emphasizing that while drawing a new route to the business and economy world with MUSIAD Vizyoner, Asmali emphasized that they aim to raise awareness in the professional business world by hosting experts in their fields and made the following statements:

“The Vizyoner’21 aims to realize the world we live in every sense, starting from the action of knowing the past, understanding the present and predicting the world of the future. It aims to understand the present together, to make sense of the world we live in, and to draw a new path for the future by saying ‘Make a Difference’ by saying realize the digital, notice the climate, notice the initiative, realize the transformation.”


MUSIAD President Asmali stated that concepts such as technology, digital, global and innovative have now become an integral part of life and explained the transformation in these areas.

Expressing that these effects helped everyone to realize the newly established world order, Asmali continued his words as follows:

“As MUSIAD Vizyoner, we have determined the title of our 2021 program as ‘Make a Difference’ with this insight. Because everything starts with noticing, and noticing means building the future. It should not be forgotten that the developing and transforming age now wants us to realize everything. Countries come to the fore with their innovative differences, brands reach their customers with the most different marketing tactics and transformations. In fact, in this era, the one who realizes succeeds. It succeeds in trade, it succeeds in digital, it succeeds in innovation, it succeeds in transformation, it succeeds in the field of health, in short, people who realize take their place in the leading role of the newly established world order. We, as the MUSIAD Vizyoner family, want our country to play a leading role in the global arena, so we say make a difference.”

Noting that they did not forget to say “high morality” when saying “high technology”, Asmali emphasized the importance of morality in this transformation process.


Mahmut Asmali stated that for the goal of a stronger, more sustainable, productive and brighter Turkey, they will put forward a completely different claim at MUSIAD Vizyoner’21 and made the following assessments:

“The Paris Climate Agreement imposes important responsibilities on our business world with a series of practices within the scope of combating the climate crisis. In this context, as MUSIAD, we are aware of our responsibility. Sustainable energy and renewable energy transformations will be our target. Not only renewable energy options, but also green, carbon-free energy will be on our agenda. We will continue to produce solutions to leave a more beautiful, healthy and clean world to future generations. We formed our advisory board in order for Turkey to achieve its climate targets. As MUSIAD, we will share our climate manifesto with you at our summit on December 22, with the proposals that come out of our workshop.”


MUSIAD Chairman Asmali stated that they will hold a different summit this year, design an NFT exhibition and present it to the taste of the participants, and that they will also implement some artistic activities.

Stating that important names from Turkey and the world will be guests of the summit, Asmali stated that these names include Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil, Steven Young, Paul Doany, Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar and Prof. Dr. Sadettin Okten.

Asmali added that those who want to attend the summit free of charge should register at by December 15th.


Erkan Gul, Chairman of the Executive Board of MUSIAD Vizyoner’21, stated that they intend to continue the Vizyoner’21 Difference Summit periodically until 2023 and gave the following information:

“We want to bring together the Vizyoner’21 Difference in certain cities of Anatolia and provide benefits. We have said that start-ups are very important for our future. We will present you with the Start-up Exchange Stage for Vizyoner 21. Entrepreneurs who care about the start-up spirit will take the stage, talk about their mission and vision and show a roadmap to people who have start-up ideas. We will present our ‘Original Product Champion’, ‘Champion Without Borders’ and ‘Most Environmental Champion’ awards by breaking new ground with our Start-up Exchange award ceremony.”

Noting that they believe that many of the start-ups they invited to the summit will turn into unicorns and even decacorns, which will become the brands of the future, Gul said, “Another surprise is that a special booklet and website will be designed for start-ups.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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