NEOHUB Startup Acceleration Program Delivered Its First Graduates

DenizBank’s new generation subsidiary NEOHUB’s Venture Acceleration Program brought six new startups to the start-up ecosystem by delivering its graduates with Demo Day after six months of intense work.

In the event, where DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ates and NEOHUB General Manager Gurhan Cam made assessments on the entrepreneurial ecosystem, basketball player and angel investor Sinan Güler and Bogazici Ventures Board Member Baris Ozistek also took part.

“We Should Be Not Just Consuming Technology, We Should Be Producing It”

In his evaluation, DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ates gave an example of the fact that the foundations of the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Disney were laid in the garages of their family houses, and said: “We also laid the foundations of DenizBank in a hotel room. With a single line telephone and a capital of ₺2 million, we planted the seeds of today’s quarter-century old plane tree. Now we act with the legacy left to us from our founding story. With our technology company Intertech, we are the technology power of 50 financial institutions in 10 different countries.

With NEOHUB’s Venture Acceleration Program Deniz Aquarium, we are undertaking very important works with a focus on the new economy. We know that startups that sprout from small ideas need mentorship and infrastructural support to grow into big plane trees. Here, NEOHUB works like a factory that provides the necessary support to turn these sprouts into trees that will benefit from productive investment climates, grow them and move castles when necessary. We know that for a sustainable future, we have to be not only consuming but also producing technology. We will continue to work to ensure that the startups from our country become giants in the world.”

“We are Designing New Business Models for the New Economy”

Gurhan Cam, General Manager of NEOHUB, in his speech said; “An agile reaction to new generation technological developments and changes in the ecosystem and developing business models, products and services that make a difference in this field are critical for new economy adaptation. Under the leadership of Mr. Hakan Ates, we established our new generation subsidiary NEOHUB to adapt to today’s investment climate. Our duty is to design new business models for the new economy by blending our banking knowledge and technology power under this roof.”

Startups that Graduated from the NEOHUB Startup Acceleration Program

Ekon Teknoloji: It offers algorithmic transaction solutions to banks and brokerage houses by using innovative technologies.

Fund Radar: Connects small and medium-sized businesses with financial institutions to manage their cash flows.

SenkronData: In order to increase the revenues of brands and retailers, it provides analytical solutions by analyzing the market and competitors in real time with the data collected from online channels.

STETO: Through the platform that allows you to reach experts in the fields of dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, mentor and professional coach, you can make an appointment with the specialist you choose and provide an online meeting.

Varsapp: It offers a platform feature where unused items can be rented, as well as needed items can be rented from individuals and brands.

Walkers: It is positioned as a gamification health & fitness application that provides its users with the motivation to move more and step into a healthy life, and the opportunity to make promotions and alternative marketing channels to partner companies.

Source: Girisimhaberleri / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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