New fund to invest in startups in web3 and blockchain: Slash Ventures

Slash Ventures, which was established to shape the future in the field of Web3 and blockchain in Turkiye, goes beyond the ordinary by offering expertise, advanced digital connection network, support services and collaborations in the GameFi, SocialFi and DeFi sectors.

With the rapid development of the digital world, the emergence of the unique potentials of Web3 technologies, and the introduction of blockchain into our lives, our digital connection network and the way we play has been transformed.

While Slash Ventures is committed to empowering visionary initiatives that take advantage of the potential of the digital world and Web3; Believing in the power of collaboration to accelerate the growth of next-generation technology and Web3 pioneers and nurture an innovation ecosystem, it also offers comprehensive support services.

With its passionate team of experienced investors, industry and technology experts, Slash Ventures is shaping the future by sharing the latest investments, industry insights and exciting developments in the world of web3 technology. At the same time, Slash Ventures continues its journey where it explores the limits of digital experiences together and unlocks the possibilities of the web3 world.

Slash Ventures, which invests in blockchain-based projects, was the fund’s first venture, Earnify. Ali Erhan Tamer, Managing Partner of Slash Ventures, said the following about Web3 and the new fund in the blockchain ecosystem;

“Slash Ventures is the new generation Web3 venture capital platform we offer to those who want to invest in Web3 startups… We are after those who want to take part in this world, those who seek decentralized investment in their projects and those who want to catch up with success stories. With the advantage of having agreements with many cryptocurrency exchanges, we aim to combine our forces on our platform and bring projects together with the token and NFT universe. We plan to make 10 investments until the end of 2023. Earnify has been our first investment for the time being. With Earnify, we will enable our customers’ Web3 conversion. At the same time, with Slash Ventures, we care very much about the young people in this ecosystem. For this reason, we have established the “Slashers Internship” program for our university students who want to be in the Web3 world.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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