New program for the emergence of billion-dollar domestic startups: Turcorn 100

The Turcorn 100 program was announced by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkiye for the emergence of new billion-dollar domestic enterprises. Applications for the program are open today.

At the special launch we attended today, T.R. The Ministry of Industry and Technology announced the Turcorn 100 program for the emergence of new billion-dollar domestic enterprises.

It is aimed to bring new Turcorns to the Turkish technology entrepreneurship ecosystem with the Turcorn 100 program, which helps technology startups that have successfully passed the early stage of their ventures and have high growth potential, to scale faster and open to global markets.

The billion-dollar initiative, which is called the unicorn on a global scale, is aimed to be said in general with the expression of Turcorn in Turkiye.

Who can apply for the Turcorn 100 program?

If the average net sales revenue of the enterprise established in 2012 and after is at least ₺15 million for the last 3 years and the average net sales revenue growth rate of the last 3 years is above 30% or if you have a technology startup that has invested at least $100,000 with a valuation of at least $2 million in the last 3 years and has an average net sales growth rate of over 30% for the last 3 years, you can apply.

You can apply for the Turcorn 100 program by logging in via e-Devlet via this link.

Initiatives that pass the preliminary evaluation are submitted to the Jury for evaluation within 60 working days at the latest. If your application passes the preliminary examination successfully, the jury evaluates the initiative according to the criteria of R&D capacity, innovative and original aspects of the outputs, its contribution to technological development on a national and global scale, the economic and social impact it creates, the growth performance of the initiative and its scaling potential.

Program stakeholders: AWS, Bilisim Vadisi, Cisco, Getir, Google, Hepsiburada, Insider, Maxitech, Meta, MEXT, Microsoft, Softtech, TEB, Trenyol, Turkcell, Turkish Airlines, Presidential Investment Office.

Subprograms in Turcorn 100

Domestic acceleration program: Tailor-made workshops will be offered according to the needs of the selected initiatives for the Turcorn 100 Program. In the program that will take place in the domestic leg, the target markets that the startups want to open will be determined, workshops and case studies will be carried out on the problems faced by the startups during the scaling phase, such as growing team management, finance management.

Overseas acceleration program: It is the scaling phase acceleration program to be realized in the target markets determined in domestic acceleration programs. Focusing on one-to-one meetings and pilot studies with mentors, investors and corporate companies abroad, the program aims to internationalize initiatives. In the realization of the acceleration program, the support of the program partners will be taken.

What else does the Turcorn 100 offer?

Privilege in government support: There are many public supports in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkiye at every stage, from R&D and innovation processes to marketing and commercialization processes. In these public supports, processes specific to Turcorn 100 initiatives will be run.

Private venture capital investments in Turcorn 100: Venture capital investment opportunities tailored to the needs of startups at the scaling stage will be provided exclusively to Turcorn 100 Program members.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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