No-code application platform Hipporello receives $1.8 million seed investment

The local startup, which made it possible to develop code-free integration and add-ons for Trello, one of the leading players in the project management market, received an investment of $1.8 million.

Hipporello, a no-code application platform that started its journey by developing Power-Ups for Trello, recently completed its seed investment round with an investment of $1.8 million from ScaleX, Atlassian Ventures, Turkiye Technology Development Foundation (TTGV1 Joint Investment Fund) and Degerhan Usluel. The company’s total investment so far has risen to $2.55 million, with a pre-seed investment of $750,000 made in September 2020 by Atlassian Ventures and ScaleX. Hipporello plans to use the new capital in its marketing and sales activities to strengthen its market position.

Over 2 million teams use Trello

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global business process management (BPM) market, which was $11.84 billion in 2021, will grow at a CAGR of 22% to reach $26.18 billion in 2028. Considering the expected growth of the BPM market and more than 2 million teams using Trello every month, Hipporello aims to make a significant contribution to the Trello market by adding process management to its task management functions. Hipporello enables SMEs and startups to manage many business processes and requests from their customers on Trello with Power-ups.

Sarah Hughes, Head of Enterprise Development at Atlassian, said: “Hipporello has an exciting vision for the future of business. “With its codeless Power-Up development infrastructure, Hipporello allows users to easily create and customize their digital journeys on Trello.”

Hipporello is used in 105 countries

Today, Hipporello is used in a total of 105 countries, with the highest user rate in the USA. It enables companies to use codeless web applications within Trello, making them more efficient and flexible.

Making a statement on the subject, ScaleX General Partner Berkay Mollamustafaoglu also said:

“Hipporello enables accelerating digital transformation and operational efficiency processes that have accelerated after the pandemic. It allows teams to rapidly improve their operations by creating in-team applications and workflows through Trello. Hipporello is well positioned to reshape the on- and off-team tools in business and the way teams work.”

Speeds up business processes with automation

Trello Power-Ups offered by Hipporello include a service desk, recruitment and application tracking system, online knowledge base, and approval management system. Hipporello speeds up business processes with automation, allowing users to learn from Trello and communicate with stakeholders through Trello.

Hipporello Founder and CEO Mustafa Sener also said;

“As companies progress on their digital transformation journey, software for the management of business processes is becoming more strategic and pervasive. With our innovative Power-Ups built on a code-free infrastructure, we hope to turn all Trello users into ‘citizen developers’. This will help teams achieve greater efficiency by increasing their use of Trello.”

As the developer of Trello Power-Up, Hipporello enables teams to develop Power-ups for business processes quickly with its code-free application development infrastructure. It aims to increase business efficiency by allowing companies to manage their business processes in Trello.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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